7 time-saving tech tools and solutions for Filipino small business owners

    TechnologyEnterprise7 time-saving tech tools and solutions for Filipino small business owners

    Given how reliant consumers from all demographics are on technology, it’s no longer a mere option for small business owners in the Philippines to digitalize their operations; it’s simply a must. As the past few years have proven, technology is the way forward toward sustainable business growth. 

    It will be in your business’s best interest to integrate a variety of digital technologies into your arsenal to transcend your current limitations, connect with a broader customer base, and optimize your internal processes. The right tools will allow you to achieve a faster, leaner, and more efficient management style for your small- to medium-sized enterprise (SME) or startup, priming you for greater success in the near future. 

    Here are some of the modern tools and solutions that you should consider using to save you valuable time and streamline your venture’s operations:

    1) Point of Sale Systems

    Modern point of sale (POS) systems such as the Philippines’ Maya POS Terminal are game-changers for wholesalers and retailers alike. These tools are designed to allow businesses to accept payments and track sales in a flash. 

    In the digital age, it’s essential for small enterprises to be able to process digital payments on top of cash. If you’re keen on expanding the payment options your business can accept, you can use the Maya Terminal, which is more than just a simple credit card machine. This portable POS device, which doubles as a debit and credit card terminal, can receive digital payments like bank transfers and QR code payments. It can also process transactions in real time and issue quick receipts. 

    Meanwhile, Maya Business’s lighter offering, the Maya Terminal Lite, is a pocketable smartphone-sized POS device that can be used on the go, making it a perfect solution for pop-up stores, food trucks, and establishments that accept cash on delivery (COD). The capabilities of such tools allow small ventures to offer personalized customer experiences and maintain accurate records, all while reducing the time it takes for a business to complete transactions with its customers. 

    2) E-Commerce Platforms

    E-commerce platforms are solutions that enable businesses to set up online shops and centrally manage their website, marketing, sales, and other aspects of their operations. Using such a platform gives your venture the opportunity to immediately expand beyond its physical location. 

    A dedicated website for your business accomplishes many things simultaneously, such as enhancing your brand’s visibility, offering convenient shopping experiences to your customers, and opening up new revenue streams in as little time as possible. For instance, a website gives you the means to showcase your products to many people. Connect the website to a payment gateway, and you’ll also earn the capability to process transactions at your customers’ convenience. This makes it possible for you to quickly reach out to and connect with buyers from other areas of the country—a move that will surely hasten the growth of your SME or startup. 

    3) Digital Marketing Tools

    For small businesses to truly thrive in the digital age, they’ll need to formulate marketing strategies that resonate with a widely digital audience. To that end, you can use digital marketing tools, such as social media and email marketing platforms, to speed up the creation and implementation of your marketing strategies. 

    These tools will empower you to reach customers through various channels and boost brand awareness in a short period of time. If you have a limited-time promotion, for instance, you can create digital posters and distribute them immediately to your business’s online community. In no time, your followers will be informed of your establishment’s latest discounts and promos—and they can make good on such deals as soon as they see them. 

    4) Project Management Software

    Overseeing a business takes a lot of time, so streamlining oversight of key processes can empower even small businesses to maximize their resources. You can make it much easier and faster to manage individual business projects, like seasonal campaigns, using project management software. Solutions like these are designed to facilitate task delegation, collaboration, and progress tracking for projects in an instant. 

    You can use a project management program to track the trajectory of a particular business project and how long it’s taken to meet important milestones. If you’re working with a team, the same tool can also be used to enhance communication and coordination. Used wisely, a project management solution can help ensure that projects are completed on time and that the business’s precious resources are utilized as efficiently as possible.

    5) Accounting and Financial Software

    Maintaining financial health is a priority for every small business or startup, but if you rely predominantly on manual methods, this task can take up a lot of your time. You can cut down the time it takes to get ahold of your venture’s financial situation by using accounting software. Most modern tools can simplify or even automate bookkeeping, invoicing, and expense tracking. 

    With accurate financial insights at your fingertips, you can make informed business decisions without dilly-dallying. You’ll also be able to manage your cash flow and ensure compliance with tax regulations with minimal time and effort, thus saving you money on penalties and other costs attributed to business inefficiency. 

    6) Customer Relationship Management Software

    It often takes time to build strong customer relationships, but this task is essential to the survival and sustainability of many small businesses in the Philippines. To strengthen your customers’ connection to your business in as little time as possible, it’s good to offer them personalized purchasing experiences. 

    This is possible through the use of a dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Such a solution can centralize your customer data, interactions, and sales leads. Having a better understanding of your customers’ preferences and behavior will allow you to tailor your offerings, provide them with better support, and cultivate loyalty among both new and returning ones. 

    7) Cybersecurity and Data Protection Solutions

    Even small businesses in the Philippines need to safeguard their sensitive information against the wiles of hackers, phishers, fraudsters, and other malicious entities online. Solutions like antivirus software, data encryption, and regular data backups can offer an additional layer of protection to your business against cyber threats and data breaches. 

    It’s also a good idea to use a payment solution like Maya’s payment terminal, which adheres to international security standards. By ensuring data integrity, you can facilitate quick and uninterrupted transactions with a “business as usual” kind of attitude—which, in turn, will steadily build trust among your customers and partners.

    As you can see from the examples listed above, several tech tools and solutions can empower your business to save time and navigate complex operational challenges. Leverage these to manage your time and tasks more efficiently, and unlock your venture’s full potential in a competitive business environment where all the little things matter.

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