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Contact Islands to focus on providing the ultimate customer experience

(MANILA, Philippines) –The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) will again host its annual industry conference, “Contact Islands” this October at Shangri-la Boracay aimed in projecting the leadership role of the Philippines in Customer Experience.

With the theme, “The Future of Customer Experience”, Contact Islands is the product of the collaboration between CCAP and Everest Group, a leading global consulting and research firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

“This premier event will cement the real value of the Philippine contact center industry as it aims to take a leading role in transforming and amplifying the customer experience of its clients worldwide”, according to Benedict Hernandez, Chairman of CCAP.  Hernandez also revealed that Everest Group will be presenting their white paper entitled, “Philippines at the Helm of Delivering Customer Experience of the Future” by Everest Group.

“Now we’re moving toward making a difference with customer experience in a highly digital world. We’ve always been recognized as the leading player in the contact center industry globally but the real value in what we do for our customers and clients is that we will be leading edge and transformational in creating, driving and enhancing the customer experience. That’s the main thematic shift with Contact Islands that’s why we’re going to do it in Boracay.”

And now that the industry has access to new tools and technology and other digital capabilities, Hernandez said they will take advantage of these in order to optimize and maximize the customer experience. “Clients,” says Hernandez, “will see that the real value the industry can offer is that we’re able to partner with them in charting the future course and transforming customer experience for their companies and for their brands.”

Plus, with a lot of disruptions happening right now, Hernandez said clients can come to Philippine contact centers to become partners in crafting how will customer experience for their companies look like and feel like, given the availability of all the digital tools and technologies.

Hernandez explained that with the expansion of communication channels for customers such as email, chat and even social media, the Philippines can help by identifying and seeing how these channels can help optimize the customer experience. The next is digital, where phenomenal amounts of data available can be used to predict customer experience proactively rather than reactively. “We don’t need to wait for the survey and the results of the reports to come out after the fact before we can understand the situation.”

He adds that analytics can also be used to understand in real time who the customer is and how to best manage the customer. “It will allow us to do so much more than what we used to do as a contact center industry. The Philippines has always been a leader when it comes to customer satisfaction so we want to make sure that we keep that leading edge position globally as we transform customer experience using all these digital tools.”

Contact Islands 2017 will feature an exciting combination of local and global operators and powerful speakers, plus more deep-end research to help attendees understand industry trends better and the role that the industry will play in shaping the customer experience. Hernandez said that Contact Islands 2017 is going to be an interesting venue for debate and discussion about all of these trends and how the Philippines can take a leading role in creating and shaping outstanding customer experience. “We’ve had a terrific run all these years and with digital transformation, we need to make sure that we’re constantly ahead of the game.”

For his part, Jojo Uligan, President of CCAP, said that when it comes to customer experience, it entails a lot of factors. “With Contact Islands, we’re not just promoting the capabilities of the Filipinos but also the Philippines as a destination where you can do business and leisure at the same time. It’s a gathering of executives wherein people, technology and processes are brought together to bring that ultimate customer experience.”

The Philippine IT-BPM industry has grown significantly in the last five years not just in terms of employees but also in revenue. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) predicts that by 2017, the IT-BPM (Information Technology and Business Process Management) industry will be the Philippines’ largest source of income. From 525,000 employees in 2010 and $8.9 billion in revenue to an expected 1.3 million jobs and over $25 billion in revenue for 2016, it is, to date, the most lucrative and fastest-growing industry in the Philippines.

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