Epson sees continued growth in SEA, expands reach in business segment

    TechnologyEnterpriseEpson sees continued growth in SEA, expands reach in business segment

    Japanese company Epson, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers and other electronic devices, announced September 23 in Manila its plans to strengthen its foothold in the Southeast Asian business segment through the release of new product innovations.

    With a continued upswing in growth over the past five years in the region, Epson plans to release new products and improvements to existing lines to address the growing demand in the business sector, focusing on robotics, inkjet, visual communication and wearable tech.

    As a leader in Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arms (SCARA), the company has improved upon the design of the robotic arms, being able to handle intricate and precise tasks.

    The company expects a 150 percent growth within the current fiscal year for SCARA driven by a strong demand in the Southeast Asian region.

    As Epson’s primary product, inkjet printers have seen a 17 percent regional growth for its business printers , and a six percent growth for industrial printers which is projected to reach 13 percent by the end of the fiscal year.

    With this, Epson is planning on launching PaperLab, the first ever in-office paper recycling system that uses a dry process. PaperLab will work together with Epson’s compact inkjet printers, enabling the reuse of paper and removing the need to store and transport paper waste.

    The company reports a 23 percent regional market share with a large demand for its 3LCD projectors. Epson will be releasing new models of its 3LCD and high-brightness laser projectors later this year.

    Also at the end of the year, Epson is launching its new Moverio BT-300 smart glasses. Its OLED design reduces energy consumption and product weight while improving overall response time.

    “Epson will continue to leverage our core technologies to create new innovations that will meet new needs across our focus segments, to bring new value to our customers through precision and smart technologies, and that will reduce impact to the environment,” Epson Singapore managing director Toshimitsu Tanaka said.

    Epson expects a double-digit growth throughout the middle towards the end of the 2016 fiscal year with its new technological innovations driving the company’s ambitions to expand its reach in the business segment.

    The company has experienced a nine percent revenue growth average across nations in the Southeast Asian region in the previous fiscal year with current trends projecting a similar if not increased growth for this year.

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