Globe Business introduces Omnichannel Retailing at 28th NRCE 2022

    TechnologyEnterpriseGlobe Business introduces Omnichannel Retailing at 28th NRCE 2022

    At the recent 28th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo 2022 (NCRE), senior adviser for Globe Business, Enterprise Group, Don Rae delivered a talk on A Practical Approach to Omnichannel Retailing. As the enterprise arm of Globe Telecom, Globe Business firmly believes in expanding every retailer’s digital capabilities to allow them to serve their customers in-store, in-app, on the web, or wherever they might be, regardless of market conditions or industry situations.

    Businesses, particularly retailers, have encountered a mix of uphill battles and discovered inventive maneuvers to stay afloat despite COVID-19. To celebrate the resilience that is retail, the 28th National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo 2022 (NCRE) went live with a physical event to once again give retailers a platform to take advantage of new skills, learnings, and technologies as they keep pace with the ever-changing needs and demands of their consumers.

    omnichannel retailing
    Event participants lined up at the Globe Business and Yondu booth to check out the latest IT solutions for retail businesses.

    Globe Business, with its ever-growing rich ecosystem of digital solutions, has forged a strong partnership with Yondu—a holistic IT solutions provider and a Globe portfolio company. Part of Yondu’s services includes productivity software, cloud services, custom software development, e-commerce solutions, messaging gateways, and managed IT services.

    “With Globe Business and Yondu’s longtime partnership, Globe is able to advance its role as a trusted ICT partner for retailers and other industries, expanding their capabilities digitally,” said Raymond Policarpio, vice president for business strategy and marketing for Globe Business, Enterprise Group.

    But as the go-to ICT solutions provider, what exactly does Globe Business promise retailers and industries connected to it? How does Globe Business facilitate omnichannel retailing?

    First, Globe Business helps retailers integrate their offline and online stores. Now, retailers can optimize their online storefronts and integrate them with their on-site POS to give consumers a more consistent retail journey and experience. This is done through the website or mobile app revamps, optimized app tablet use, an integrated online-offline ecosystem, and an end-to-end support team.

    Second, Globe Business helps build more digital storefronts for retailers without investing in physical stores. This helps consumers shop with ease through the website and mobile app development, GLife integration in payment systems for easy payment options, integration of the business to third-party logistics for wider order coverage, and a back-end support team to assist in assembling a digital storefront.

    Aside from these, Globe Business also offers retailers an out-of-the-box platform to help them set up digital channels and e-commerce platforms and offers data-driven solutions and actionable insights by profiling customers for a well-rounded view of every retailer’s target market.

    “All-in-all, Globe Business offers a practical approach to omnichannel retailing as we allow retailers to streamline all their operations, and help synergize their customers’ online and offline experience for a more seamless, hassle-free retail experience,” mentioned Policarpio.

    omnichannel retailing
    Don Rae, Senior Advisor for Globe Business, Enterprise Group, was joined on stage by (left to right) Sam Gregory Lim, NRCE 2022 Conference Chairman and Vice President of Blims Lifestyle Group; Rosemarie B. Ong, PRA President & Senior Executive Vice President – Chief Operating Officer of Wilcon Depot; and Steven Cua, President of PAGASA.

    Organized by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA), this two-day event aimed to educate retailers about the latest data-backed industry trends and developments and allowed them to touch base with a vast network and connect with new prospective partners. Many industry leaders shared nuggets of wisdom on retailing through “sponsor sessions” or talks about improvements in customer service, consumer trends in this evolving world, leveraging on consumer loyalty, and how the pandemic changed the Philippine and global markets entirely. Breakout sessions introduced the Metaverse (a shared multidimensional virtual environment where people can interact socially and professionally), how social e-commerce shapes the future of shopping, and global talent trends. These industry leaders also provided short mentorship programs to help shape the future of retail.

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