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Hitachi updates Content Platform

Hitachi Data Systems, a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced major updates to the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

The updates give HCP a 400 percent increase in usable storage per cluster, a 67 percent increase in storage node capacity via 10 TB drives, a 55 percent increase in objects per node, and simplified software licensing. This gives customers over five times lower storage costs than public cloud offerings, equating to 60 percent in total cost of ownership savings.

The updates enhance multi-part file transfers, large file upload and download speeds, and Amazon cloud storage application range reads.

Improvements to HCP’s APIs give organizations greater visibility in analyzing infrastructure health and performance.

Other updates include: local and geo-distributed erasure coding for multiple site deployments; RAID virtualization and replication based on business, regulatory and performance requirements; KVM Hypervisor support; and a dedicated management port for added security.

“Once again, we’ve raised the bar for object storage with our uniquely integrated Hitachi Content Platform portfolio. Hitachi Content Platform provides the ideal ecosystem to support customers’ existing content-centric applications and newer cloud use cases and workloads simultaneously. It also provides a central way for customers to securely incorporate hybrid cloud storage on their terms to react faster to change and to optimize costs,” said Hitachi Data Systems Cloud and Mobility CTO Peter Sjoberg.

For more information on the Hitachi Content Platform portfolio and other Hitachi product offerings, visit: www.hitachi.com