Hitachi Vantara Labs releases ‘machine learning model management’ plug-in for Pentaho

    TechnologyEnterpriseHitachi Vantara Labs releases 'machine learning model management' plug-in for Pentaho

    Hitachi Vantara, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., added new machine learning orchestration capabilities to help data scientists monitor, test, retrain and redeploy supervised predictive models for businesses.

    Announced last March 6, 2018, the “machine learning model management” innovation from Hitachi Vantara Labs can be used in Pentaho, Hitachi’s open source business intelligence software operating under Vantara. The machine learning model management plug-in allows better adaptation to constantly shifting variables with easier to update models, which improves business outcomes and reducing risk.

    As more and more organizations undergo digital transformation, predictive algorithms become a key competitive advantage; but with the advantages come the potential risks. Once a model is in production, it must be continuously monitored, tested and retrained in response to any change in variables, all of which takes considerable manual effort. This leads to updating being done infrequently which deteriorates the accuracy of the model.

    “According to our research, two-thirds of organizations do not have an automated process to seamlessly update their predictive analytics models. As a result, less than one-quarter of machine learning models are updated daily, approximately one-third are updated weekly and just over half are updated monthly. Out-of-date models can create significant risk to organizations,” said Ventana Research SVP and Research Director David Menninger.

    With Vantara’s new data science model management functions, data scientists can get models into production faster, maximize model accuracy as well as be able to collaborate and govern model operations at scale.

    “Machine learning and artificial intelligence are optimizing everything from customer interactions to enterprise operations. As these applications evolve, data scientist and IT operation teams will need to move newly trained models into production faster than ever before, which can jeopardize model accuracy, collaboration and governance,” said Hitachi Vantara Vice President for Product Marketing John Magee.

    To learn more about the new plug-in, visit Pentaho Labs.

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