Maxi Clean Laundromat underscores importance of product trust in starting a business

    TechnologyEnterpriseMaxi Clean Laundromat underscores importance of product trust in starting a business

    A foundation of trust is how sisters Claire and Minette started the successful Maxi Clean Laundromat chain in the province of Bulacan. Before everything else, they looked for a business partner that they already know and can rely on.

    With any business, the foundation of trust is important. You have to believe your employees, your partners, and of course, the products or services you’re providing. It’s crucial that you can stand behind the product wholeheartedly because if trust erodes, it will be almost impossible to repair.

    Minette gives her own experience with LG washing machines as an example. “We chose LG because we have an LG washing machine at home that we’ve been using for ten years already. When we started the business, we went for machines that we know are reliable.”

    Claire and Minette Cruz, owners of Maxi Clean Laundromat. Watch the Facebook video here:

    Manny Villagracia, Minette’s husband, handles the technical side of the business and is all smiles about how he can manage the machines remotely. “I can diagnose, troubleshoot, and monitor the day-to-day operations and even assist our laundry care experts to troubleshoot the machine anytime anywhere.”

    And it’s not just Manny who is happy with the LG Commercial Machines’ wi-fi capabilities. With the Laundry Lounge app, customers can reserve the machines, monitor their laundry, and even do contactless payment with the touch of a button. This gives customers the freedom to choose which machines they want within the specific time span they need. Manny shares how important this feature is. “LG empowers your customer base as if it’s their own machine. (It gives them) power at their fingertips”.

    When asked about their experience in starting a laundry business, their common answer boils down to trust. You have to find a brand to be your partner in the long run. Minette underscores this point, saying “Choose a brand you can trust because they will deliver on their promise of helping your business.”

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