PLDT Enterprise Moves Toward Stronger and Fearless 2018

    Leading ICT and digital services provider PLDT Enterprise heralds message of Fearlessness for 2018, aiming to inspire customers, partners, and employees to make bolder business decisions, especially in the context of a rapidly evolving digital world.

    In line with PLDT’s 90th anniversary in November, PLDT Enterprise’s theme of “Fearless” is also in celebration of its position as the premiere enabler of businesses in the country. The group plans to drive powerful business ventures and brave investments across its fixed-line, wireless and information communications technologies this year.

    ’Fearless’ encapsulates how PLDT Enterprise will approach the year ahead—it’s the driving force that fuels our vision for 2018 and beyond. We want to inspire fearlessness in our customers through our continuous introduction of more transformative innovations to elevate their competitiveness both locally and on the international stage,” says Jovy Hernandez, SVP and Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Groups. 

    2018 is also a special year for the group as PLDT SME Nation, PLDT Enterprise’s small and medium business arm, celebrates its 10th year anniversary.

    “With the anniversaries of the PLDT Group and SME Nation, we’re sending out a clear message to our customers that we are celebrating them as well—that we are with them every step of the way, ready and willing to brave more challenges and bring them to greater milestones in the future,” says Mitch Locsin, PLDT FVP and Head of SME Nation.

    Alongside SME Nation, PLDT Enterprise’s corporate business arm, PLDT ALPHA, endeavors to enable large enterprises to create a more powerful digital economy across the different industries it serves.

    “Every milestone that we celebrate is a reminder for us to relentlessly and bravely push on and become better at what we do. This year, we commit to being fearless in helping our clients succeed in today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing landscape,” says PLDT VP and Head of ALPHA Vic Tria.

    Coming off an unprecedented year in 2017, PLDT Enterprise promises an even more promising year for its clients in the months to come. The message of ‘Fearlessness’ serves to reassure them that they are supported and enabled with access to the tools they need to redefine how they do business.

    “It is a rich and vibrant time to be servicing the enterprise market of the Philippines. Whether we’re dealing with large corporations or SMEs, PLDT Enterprise is committed to enabling growth in all sectors and industries. Our clients have much to look forward to this year and we are excited for the opportunities coming our way to create positive, lasting impact on their business,” says Hernandez.

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