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Renderbee demos virtual reality architecture rendering service

Filipino rendering service provider RenderBee officially launched its architectural virtual reality (VR) rendering service September 20 in Makati.

The company is the first in the country to offer “architectural virtualization” wherein 3D models of architectural plans are then rendered in VR allowing clients to explore the structures as if they were there.

The VR renders can be viewed through compatible VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

Established in 2015 and incorporated earlier this year, Renderbee is a direct challenge to foreign companies who offer rendering services, with executives citing the abundance of local talent as one of the reasons why the company was formed.

“We saw that there is a growing demand since most of the studios catering to this market are foreign companies whose developments are done elsewhere and not in the country,” Renderbee CEO Maria Carmencita Burgos-Nepomuceno said.

The company also offers rendering services of 3D stills and animations apart from the architectural virtualization service.

Co-founder and managing director Jackeline Chua of the Synergy Group of Companies, of which Renderbee is a subsidiary, says that the company offers fast turnaround for projects due to their render farm facility in Quezon City.

“Key to our speed in delivery is our in-house render farm facility. The other studios can’t match our speed and quality because they do not have an in-house render farm. In contrast, we have our very own data center in the country.”

The company has a total of 16 servers in their render farm. One server is equivalent to five Core i7 CPUs, allowing a high quality 3D render to be completed in seven to eight minutes which would have taken two hours on a regular computer, while an animated render will take only six days to finish compared to 80 days in non-render farm studios.

Nepomuceno said that right now, due to their pioneering state in Philippine architectural rendering, the company’s goal is to educate the market on the technology involved to raise awareness and desire for the product.