Schneider Electric launches Smart Panel, Compact NSXm, and PowerTag

    Schneider Electric has just launched its newest innovations aimed at helping make energy consumption efficient and sustainable across homes and industries. The Smart Panel, Compact NSXm, and PowerTag are Schneider Electric’s foray into the IoT ecosystem. These new products present a shift in electric panel board design: from traditional to smart, and from technical to a bit more user-friendly.

    Smart Panels

    These digitized electrical panelboards, which has a simple plug-and-play architecture, help users measure energy consumption through embedded and stand-alone metering and control capabilities.

    These Smart Panels are able to pinpoint overloads and inefficiencies proactively, enabling users to make smart and informed decisions. Smart Panels communicate directly in real time by sending data to a computer or a smart device, making it easy to track a building’s electrical system status and increase operational efficiency, energy expense optimization, reliability and safety. All these are made possible through an advanced hardware working tandem with an innovative software.

    Compact NSXm

    Compact NSXm is Schneider Electric’s newest brand of molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) that follows its 60-year line of circuit breakers.  With a clean compact design built to provide maximum convenience, Compact NSXm saves up to 40-percent in installation time with visible external auxiliaries that lessen installation error. Its roto-active braking system prevents short circuits during the interruption process. It also has Everlink patented connections that prevents heating failures and guarantees long-lasting secure connections. It also has integrated earth leakage protection to prevent shock and a Green Premium ecolabel.


    For those with existing panel boards and would like an upgrade, Schneider Electric’s PowerTag is the solution. This small power tag has wireless sensors which accurately monitor energy consumption in real time for small buildings to large facilities. PowerTag users are able to manage their energy consumption more efficiently and economically on all electrical loads, from IT and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) to machines, pumps and process equipment as well as pinpoint specific problem areas. PowerTag sensors are compact and easy to install on existing or new panel boards.

    Devices connected to these smart products can be controlled and monitored remotely via Schneider Electric’s dedicated web app accessed through an IP address. This gives users total control over their energy consumption along with acquiring significant data to prevent complications and ultimately bring up savings. Though the smart products collect and analyze data, no sensitive information is taken apart from usage habits so you are sure that your data is safe along with your connected devices.

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