Taxumo wants you to #GetStarted on your passion this 2018

    TechnologyEnterpriseTaxumo wants you to #GetStarted on your passion this 2018

    The coming of a new year always brings with it a sense of restart: a chance to finally follow one’s dreams like make that leap from employee to entrepreneur. But the anticipation dissipates as quickly as it comes, leaving many to shelf their passion for another time. However, leaving that idea to gather dust may result in needing help when starting a business after COVID-19. The future is unpredictable so take a chance whilst you still can.

    To boot, the Philippines has slid from 99th to 113th place in terms of ease of doing business according to the the World Bank’s official ranking of world economies, with that same report ranking the country at 173rd when it comes to starting a business.

    With all the obstacles and the sweet safety of the comfort zone stacked up against a dream in its infancy, it’s very easy to be deterred. However, some determined entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals overcame the hurdles as they come to pursue their passions.

    Been there, done that

    As serial entrepreneur Tina Vitas, the owner of online wellness store Easy Cures would admit, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur: “Not everyone has the ability to handle the unpredictability, the inconsistency and the build-as-you-go structure of starting and running a business. At the start, you will be doing pretty much everything and involved in every detail.

    The Boston University Department of Economics alumna notes that those who do decide to start their own ventures should “ask for help from others. You’d be surprised at how accommodating and generous people can be when asked.

    For GetSomeCola CEO Romela De Leon-Ortega said that starting a venture like her digital design and SEO agency takes more than mere passion to weather through the hard times. She adds that following a plan will get entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals through seasons when passion is sorely lacking.

    “It’s okay if you need to change plans along the way. What’s important is that you don’t get caught up with emotions and failures. Keep going and plan ahead,” De Leon-Ortega said.

    As with any endeavor, hard work and consistency are very important in working towards one’s goals. Mae Anonuevo, a former nurse and ESL teacher, knows this firsthand when a side gig selling personally curated beauty products bloomed into a small business, MS K Beauty Trading.

    A trusty partner in business: Taxumo

    Aside from tenacity and optimism, Tina, Romela and Mae have discovered the joys of being able to concentrate their efforts into their passion projects without going through much of the hassle of starting their own businesses. Thanks to the easy online tax-filing and payment website Taxumo, these individuals have freed up a lot of time to focus on more fundamental aspects of their enterprises, no longer feeling the stress of regular compliance.

    ”They take care of everything for us when it comes to filing our taxes. I am so happy that we have a partner we can depend on when it comes to our taxes, so we can focus more on our game plan,” commented De Leon-Ortega.

    With the help of Taxumo, more business owners and self-employed professionals like Tina, Romela and Mae can finally stay faithful to their new year’s resolutions and get started on their passions.

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