The Future of Digital Advertising: What’s next for the Philippines in 2018?

    MANILA, Philippines, July 2018 –  According to the 2018 Digital in Southeast Asia Report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, the Philippines has an internet penetration rate of 63%—and while that number is on the rise, 37% of Filipinos today still do not have access to the world wide web.

    Meanwhile, targeted digital advertising has been on a rapid upward trajectory in the country, with many brands opting to invest on sponsored posts—particularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—to reach their target demographic. However, boosted posts on social media can only reach so much of the Filipino audience.

    Smart Wifi Ads offers a new and exciting way of reaching one’s market. Now, advertisers can communicate their message to their customers in high-traffic hotspots nationwide like airports, government offices, restaurants, schools, transport stations, hospitals, and malls—bundling that with internet access at the same time. What makes this service a cut above the rest is that Smart Wifi Ads allow marketers to engage with their customers whether they’re digitally connected or not.

    “Conventional digital advertising is not enough as marketers need to find more innovative ways of connecting to their audiences. By bundling fiber-fast connectivity with the ads, marketers now have a smarter way of reaching their demographic wherever they are,” says VP of Enterprise Core Business Solutions Jojo Gendrano.

    Smart Wifi Ads offers several kinds of ads to business owners: (1) Banner or Interstitial Ads, which combine clickable material with access to the brand’s website; (2) Promo Page with Triggered SMS, which sends an SMS to the user’s mobile number upon clicking the ad; (3) Sponsored Access, which grants customers free Wi-Fi usage upon watching a non-skippable video, or answering a survey; and (3) Wi-Fi Rental, which provides advertisers with a branded SSID and landing page and customizable Wi-Fi experience which gives their customers free 30-minute access after entering a PIN, watching a video, or answering a survey.

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