WSI holds press conference on ‘Technology that innovates our lives’

    TechnologyEnterpriseWSI holds press conference on 'Technology that innovates our lives'

    Wordtext Systems, Inc. (WSI), the country’s oldest pure IT distributor in the country held their press conference last March 1, 2018 at the company’s headquarters in Makati.

    Entitled “Technology That Innovates Our Lives” the conferences showcased the company’s range of distributed products both at present and in the future that impact a vast range of industries.

    The company invited guests from its distribution network to give updates on four main categories: print, cloud and mobility, data and security and design.

    The company showcased its 3D print hub where customers can purchase their own industrial 3D printers from Stratasys as well as avail of in-house 3D printing services. WSI also featured HP’s range of innovative and economical printers from the PageWide XL large-format printer and the new range of Ink Tank Series home and office printers. The print segment of the conference presented one of the newest medical applications for 3D printing in the country: an aid to facial reconstruction surgery, allowing pre-op procedures to be done more accurately.

    For the cloud and mobility section of the press conference, Microsoft talked about its Kaizala communication and collaborative tool which values security and a high level of scalability for anywhere from SMEs to large corporations. Logitech then introduced its wide array of video conference cameras that suit different needs from small video one-on-ones to large board room meetings.

    Microsoft also introduced its Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) service that allows retailers to send out product keys to consumers in a matter of minutes on offer 24/7.

    In matters of security and data management, Xirus presented its suite of Wi-Fi routers that allow businesses to get accurate information about visitor habits as well as target them for tailor-made advertisements, adding a new dimension to physical shopping.

    Avigilon, a leader in video surveillance technology, showed how its range of products utilize AI and data analytics to distinguish predictable from unusual behavior, alerting security of any suspicious activity. The system is also able to scan individuals in a crowd and continuously track them through different videos via an intuitive interface and tagging system.

    Veritas’ HPE Flexible Capacity is a service that allows companies to take care of back-up and restoration of virtual, physical and cloud data while keeping everything secure. McAfee then discussed new threats to individuals and how they can operate safely in today’s world with the right mindset and security tools.

    In the world of design, Autodesk is nearly synonymous with helping architects, engineers, designers and artists alike create revolutionary things through its product suite. The company talked about what it has already made through different individuals from famous Hollywood films to groundbreaking skyscrapers. It also discussed what the future holds for the company, from subscription-based software to updates in Autodesk’s features.

    Nuance is a smart alternative to more expensive PDF readers and editors with touch capabilities (including digital signatures), conversion to editable files and other innovative features that aren’t present in more premium-priced PDF editors.

    To know more about WSI products, visit and follow its official Facebook page.

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