LG harnesses steam technology to sanitize and refresh your clothes

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    LG Electronics, one of the foremost technology innovators in the world, has harnessed the power of steam to help keep households pathogen-free. Steam is not only natural but extremely effective in eliminating the harmful bacteria allergens on your fabrics. One of the most efficient ways of staying healthy is eliminating the bacteria and germs that stubbornly cling to clothes.

    LG has a wide range of washers and dryers that use steam technology to your advantage. The AI DD FRONT LOAD Washing Machine and the RC09VHP2V Heat Pump Dryer, in particular, both use high temperatures to remove germs, pet hair, and mold that could lead to health problems down the line, so it’s a dream for those suffering allergies.

    With a press of a button, you can add steam to selected cycles to open up fibers and assist in removal of common household allergens. This works hand in hand with the Allergy Care function, which reduces 99.9% allergens, such as house mites that can cause allergy or respiratory issues.

    As we’re slowly navigating the new normal, what’s important is to take responsibility for the things that are in our control. As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. This means hygiene, acting socially responsible, and being proactive in cleanliness at home. This includes washing hands regularly and ensuring that your clothes, your pillows, and even your children’s toys are safe from harm. With LG’s steam technology, your peace of mind is guaranteed.

    To know more about these LG products, click here – LG AI DD Washing Machine, LG Heat Pump Dryer.

    LG Styler

    Arriving in Philippine shores soon, the LG Styler refreshes, deodorizes, sanitizes, and more — all with the power of steam. LG Styler uses steam technology to not only keep the finest clothes wrinkle-free and smelling great but to rid them of harmful, unwanted germs as well. Styler even works on those germ-ridden cuddly toys children take everywhere, and as a bonus, clothes and toys will last longer while using less water. Create a healthier home by reducing allergens by up to 99% from clothes, pillows, and more. It also comes with a built-in dehumidifier, which is perfect for our tropical climate. Eliminate musty smells caused by damp room air with the Dehumidify feature, exclusive to the LG Styler. It’s very easy to use, too. Plug into an outlet, fill the water container, and start refreshing. No plumbing required.


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