Black Arrow Express Expands Fleet

    Black Arrow Express (BAE) has just announced its fleet expansion, making for a mega-linehaul that would cater to growing shipment demands from the eCommerce industry, while also improving delivery time and overall logistics flow. 

    The expansion will complement block space agreements with airlines allowing the company to push more volume towards regional hubs in Visayas and Mindanao. This strategic move will enable BAE to continue last mile deliveries despite airline congestions and unforeseen obstructions. The new mega-linehaul will also allow deliveries of previously limited items like mobile phones with lithium batteries and big shipments like oversized television sets. 
    “Unlike other longstanding industries, the shipment and logistics industry is currently experiencing a drastic shift. Customers expect faster delivery, more flexibility, and lower costs. This mega-linehaul is one of the ways we’re going to address that,” says Allan Brizuela, president of BAE. 
    The investment includes 72 initial trucks and more hubs to be opened across the country, including areas like Tacloban, Cotabato, and Butuan. BAE estimates double growth in terms of current shipment volume in Q3 until the end of the year. 
    “With so much demand from eCommerce, the industry is definitely ripe for disruption — and we want to be at the forefront of this eCommerce logistics revolution, ” adds Brizuela. 
    This expansion comes just two months after the launch of the Black Arrow Express mobile app for retailers and consumers. 


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