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Everything Proof: Altec Lansing rolls out ultra-ruggedized outdoor Bluetooth speakers

Music is a wonderful thing. Listening to it has this profound effect that can easily soothe one’s psyche. We listen to music during our commute, at work, at the gym, or when we just have plenty of time to kill. We wish we could take it with us, wherever, but there are several elements that limit us and our devices from doing so: water, snow, sand, and whatnot. This is where audio brand, Altec Lansing, begs to differ.

With over 80 years of audio craftsmanship under its belt, Altec Lansing is recognized for producing quality audio devices that excite music lovers.  Just recently, the brand re-introduced itself in the Philippine market and came out with its newest fleet of outdoor speakers touted to withstand just about everything. These speakers deliver unmatched audio quality along with fail-safe durability thanks to a fortified form factor and IP67 waterproof/dustproof/shockproof rating.

LifeJacket 2


Bring your music with you, everywhere, with the LifeJacket 2. This adventure-ready Bluetooth speaker features great sound quality, on-board microphone for hands-free communication, voice recognition, NFC support, IP67 rating, and up to 16 hours of music playback (doubles as powerbank) housed in one extra-tough exterior. It also comes with a universal mount, so you can take it whilst biking, surfing, snowboarding, among others. In the event that it falls off your surfboard, you can be sure that it won’t sink in the abyss as it can float on water.

PHP 7,250

If you want the same capabilities of a speaker like the LifeJacket 2 except the bulk, you can go for the Mini LifeJacket 2. Apart from the Mini LifeJacket 2’s reduced size and 10 hours of battery life, you can expect that both speakers are one and the same.

PHP 4,850

Jacket H2O


The Jacket H20 features a sleeker design compared to its distant sibling, LifeJacket 2. It comes in a svelte, compact form factor that is still IP67 rated and can float on water. The Jacket H2O boasts features such as up to 8 hours of non-stop music playback, Bluetooth-enabled, built-in microphone, voice recognition, aux port, and pure Altec Lansing sound.

PHP 3,995


The Mini Jacket H2O, on the hand, features voice confirmation, IP67 rating, on-board microphone, 6 hours of battery life, aux port, and an integrated carabiner all in one compact form factor. Living up to its name, the Mini Jacket H2O can also float on water. It comes in black, white, red, orange, and blue.

PHP 1,995.

Other Altec Lansing products:

All new Altec Lansing models will be available in select branches of SM Appliance Centers, Astro Vision, Astro Plus, Anson’s, and other partner retailers nationwide.  For updates and information on the brand, like facebook.com/alteclansingphilippines.