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    Father’s Day is nearing and it is only fitting to give him a surprise he will never forget. Be one of the 120 lucky participants to show your dad big love, right on the busiest road in the Metro. Send in your shout outs for your fathers to see, flashed on the Hyundai LED billboards along EDSA.

    To join, simply send your Father’s Day message together with the photo below to the Hyundai Daddycation app on the Hyundai Philippines Facebook page at

    hyundai daddycation

    The first 120 DADDYcations to be sent from June 2-5 will be posted on the Hyundai LED billboards along EDSA. Make sure to have your dad around the following areas on the following days:

    EDSA-Paragon Wall LED site          June 11-15,2014
    EDSA-Boni Caltex LED Site           June 11-15,2014
    SM North EDSA                       June 13-15,2014

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