New Toyota Wigo sees remarkable March sales


    The Wigo, Toyota’s newly launched “mini” hatchback, starts strongly in its first full month of sales. The number one automotive company in the Philippines has sold a total of 627 units of the Wigo showing a remarkable trend in the automotive industry. It has outpaced its comptitors in March, with its 27.9% share in the entry-level hatchback segment.

    “We are deeply grateful for the very quick and positive response from the market towards our newly launched Wigo. This overwhelming sales performance is a testament to the trust the customers have towards Toyota’s newly launched product. We are confident that the reason why customers chose the Wigo is because of the Toyota Sure Advantage as seen in all its other line-up. Furthermore, on top of Toyota’s quality known features, the Wigo is the most affordable Toyota to date making it more appealing to the Filipino public. We are certain that this mini hatchback will continue to be well-received by people who want a car that is easy-to-own and easy-to-drive, therefore making it definitely easy to enjoy,” Toyota Motor Philippines President Michinobu Sugata said.

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