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Nintendo announces release of Switch Lite

By Gabriel Pe

Nintendo announced that it will be releasing the younger brother of its flagship console, the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The new Switch Lite will be Nintendo’s handheld-only version of the Switch. This means that there will be no TV mount or detachable Joy-con controllers.  Nintendo also removed the IR camera from the new console. It means that there will be no motion- or gesture-controlled games.

The Switch lite has a smaller 5.5-inch screen but all of the buttons are the same except for a new + d-pad (finally!) on the left of the console. According to Nintendo, the Switch Lite also has a battery life of 3-7 hours.

Despite the shortcomings, the lite version seems like a great deal since it can play almost all of Nintendo’s current repertoire of titles provided it has a handheld mode. For the list of titles, you can check Nintendo’s website for a complete list.

The Switch Lite will go on sale in the United States starting Sept. 20 and will retail at $200 or about PHP 10,259. There’s no word yet on local pricing. It will come in three colors, yellow, gray, and turquoise.