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Round 1 of Hyundai Lateral Drift begins!

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The 2014 Hyundai Lateral Drift Championship series, being the fastest growing motorsports action kicks off this Saturday, May 31 at the C5 Mega Tent Quezon City, located right before Eastwood heading North Bound. For the Lateral Drift Championship’s 9th season, promises to be more exciting as the event will be open to the public at no cost. Practice sessions will commence at 10am for Amateur drifters, while the Pro’s will start by 3pm onwards. The drifting finals itself will happen later in the evening so that competitors and spectators will see and enjoy all the action away from the heat of the sun.

Pilipinas Got Talent 4 finalist Gio Rodriquez is all set to defend his drifting championship title last year’s season and surpass champions like Alex Perez, Audel Sison, and the rest of the drivers planning to take his throne. 2013 Amateur Champion Mark Bernardo moves to the Pros alongside with EJ Malibira, and Luis Gono the youngest driver in the series at 15 years old. They are all set to move to the pro division and contend for the title.

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Judged once again by known Japanese drifters Kimhiro Obata and Hirmo Kijikuma and former Lateral Drift competitor Jason Chaochuy, this will be the 2nd year of setting the standards for drifting in the Philippines that is subjected to the rules set on the 2011 Formula D in the United States.

Spectators can get the chance to ride a shotgun with the drift judges during the event. For more details about the event, follow Lateral Drift Productions at facebook.com/lateraldriftproductions.