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Tissot offers full expertise at the 17th Asian Games Inchon 2014


The Asian Games date back to 1951, representing the oldest and most prestigious event in the calendar of the Olympic Council of Asia. As such, a value of Tradition is shared with Tissot. Today, the Asian Games are the world’s largest multi-sport Games, gathering the highest number of participants worldwide. They give 13,000 outstanding athletes from 45 countries and territories the chance to compete in the 36 disciplines it showcases.

Already being the Official Timekeeper of the World Championships of four of the sports that are showcased; basketball, cycling, fencing and table tennis, here, Tissot offers full expertise. Even more exciting for Tissot is the challenge represented by the various sports that are novelties and for which timing techniques need to be adapted. For this, innovation is required, which is one of Tissot’s great specialties.

An event like the 17th Asian Games gives Tissot the opportunity to showcase its timekeeping and statistical prowess, while at the same time increasing brand awareness. Tissot knows what a responsibility it has to be precise, accurate and fast, and the brand is proud to be the Official Timekeeper of the 2014 Asian Games held in Incheon, Korea.

Already in 1998, Tissot was up for the challenge when it was entrusted with the task of providing instruments of extreme accuracy for every single sport of the Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand, as well as in Busan, Korea, in 2002 and, most recently Doha, Qatar in 2006. Following this experience, there is no doubt that Tissot has what it takes to ensure the smooth running of all of the vast variety of competitions, and to ensure the highest quality timekeeping for this global event.

Tissot was counting down the seconds to this event with just a little over a year to go to the opening ceremony of the 17Th Asian Games Incheon 2014. The official countdown clock that Tissot and IAGOC unveiled is located in front of Incheon City Hall, the symbolic focal point of the City of Incheon. The high-tech countdown marks the key moments up until the opening ceremony begins.

Whether it is for the people who are part of the organisation, the athletes themselves or the billions of fans and supporters across Asia and the world, the 17th Asian Games 2014 will be a show to remember.