Introducing the G-SHOCK Multi-Fluorescent Accent Series for back-to-school

    TechnologyWearablesIntroducing the G-SHOCK Multi-Fluorescent Accent Series for back-to-school

    As the back-to-school season rapidly approaches, G-SHOCK unveils its latest collection tailored to complement the vibrant energy of students returning to campus. Introducing the Multi-Fluorescent Accent Series — timepieces that aren’t just accessories but indispensable statements of style and functionality.

    This latest series features a matte black bezel and band, contrasted by vivid blue, pink, and yellow highlights on the hands, hour markers, and dial marks. The playful yet bold designs transport you to a virtual world, making an undeniable statement in any fashion scene. Choose your favorite and elevate your style with these eye-catching, high-performance watches.

    G-SHOCK Multi Fluorescent

    G-SHOCK, renowned for its innovative designs and durability, introduces a dynamic twist to back-to-school fashion with the launch of the Multi-Fluorescent Accent Series. This collection not only embodies the robustness and precision G-SHOCK is celebrated for but also injects a burst of color and personality into students’ everyday wardrobes. With bold fluorescent accents and eye-catching designs, the Multi-Fluorescent Accent Series empowers students to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd as they navigate their academic endeavors. Whether it’s a pop of electric blue or a splash of neon green, these watches make a resounding statement while ensuring students remain punctual and organized throughout the school day.                 

    “We are thrilled to present the G-SHOCK Multi-Fluorescent Accent Series designed to empower students to express their individuality and confidence as they embark on a new academic year,” said Isabella Concepcion, business development head of CSC Time Inc., “With their vibrant designs and innovative features, these timepieces serve as both fashion statements and essential tools for students to navigate their daily lives with flair and functionality.”

    Gear up for the school year ahead and elevate your wrist game with the G-SHOCK Multi-Fluorescent Accent Series. Whether you’re making a bold statement or adding a personalized touch, these collections ensure you enter the classroom with confidence and flair.

    Available in all authorized G-SHOCK Stores nationwide. You may also find out the latest on these G-SHOCK series by visiting its social media accounts.

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