G-SHOCK MR-G series showcases unparalleled Japanese craftmanship and cutting-edge technology 

    TechnologyWearablesG-SHOCK MR-G series showcases unparalleled Japanese craftmanship and cutting-edge technology 

    Casio Computer Co., Ltd, in partnership with CSC Time Inc, its official distributor in the Philippines announced the launch of the G-SHOCK MR-G Series exclusively at the L’Atelier by Lucerne in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

    Known as the pinnacle of the G-SHOCK brand, the MR-G was born after engineer Kikuo Ibe, Casio’s head of watch design, created G-SHOCK in 1981 with the mission to offer a durable and reliable shock-proof watch that can withstand the rigors of daily life.

    As G-SHOCK achieved massive success following its launch, the Japanese-owned brand felt it was only right to up the ante by remaking the design to appeal to a more professional and discerning market. 

    Thus, armed with the Japanese’s unparalleled craftsmanship and experience, the G-SHOCK MR-G series emerged, more than a decade later, in full-metal construction but with the sensibilities of indestructible strength and beauty. To make this possible, these timepieces have been carefully crafted, integrating tradition and cutting-edge digital technology. This approach, in particular, is reflected in the series’ CMF (color, material, finish). 

    In developing the color, the makers of MR-G have employed sophisticated techniques such as the Black Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, which pays homage to G-SHOCK brand color featured in the very first model. The DLC coating yields an all-black exterior to give the watch a sleek finish with its black sharp tone. In color treatment for the watch’s bezel and dial, two Japanese hues were applied: the Kachi-iro known to the samurai warriors as the “victory color” reflecting deep shades of navy blue, and the Akazonae which evokes the all-crimson armor to show valor by elite samurai units in the Warring States. 

    With material, G-SHOCK MR-G design takes pride in its all-metal construction that highlight the unique qualities of the materials to deliver strength and beauty. The band uses the DAT55G, a titanium alloy that is three times harder than pure titanium, while its bezels are made of Cobarion and Ti64 Titanium Alloy for a beautiful radiant finish and long-lasting durability. 

    Recrystallized Titanium that creates a unique pattern evoking nie, the crystal formation seen in Japanese swords’ temper lines on the MRG-B2000R-1A

    As with finish, various techniques were applied, all with the same level of attention that is above and beyond mass production: Sallaz Polishing, considered the ultimate in polishing techniques among highly skilled artisans, is executed to achieve mirror finishes of flawless beauty on the surface of the titanium. A deep-layer of hardening process creates a coating four to five times harder than pure titanium on the surface while a further DLC coating serves to enhance scratch resistance. Likewise, its defined grind mark finish is possible with the state-of-the-art nano processing by YAMAGATA Casio. The special shape is created with high-precision die molding with a meticulously detailed finish.

    ASANO Bihou, master of the traditional tsuiki hammering technique, created a unique relief pattern to produce a rugged texture on the surface. Renowned swordsmith GASSAN Sadanobu has carved the Yasuri-me patterns on the bands. This technique is typically applied in sword blades to represent the worldview inherent to Japanese swords. Along with this, an inscription of the GASSAN family is engraved to show their devotion to sword forging.

    On the bezel, another traditional technique is applied by casting artisan KIKUCHI Masano for a rusted steel texture using a special die, and then hand-carved by master chaser KOYABASHI Masao with the image of a majestic dragon. Lastly, on the KOMATSU Kazuhito added his cutting/polishing expertise for the mirror-surface facet cuts in super hard cobarion. 

    All of these carefully-crafted manufacturing stages – from design and material to finish – prove that G-SHOCK MR-G is worthy of every watch enthusiast’s collection staple. Along with these enviable watch models, customers can soon own the upcoming FROGMAN MRG-BF1000R, with an ISO-standard 200m water resistance and a titanium exterior that has been painstakingly finished to perfection. Along with its sapphire crystal screw-on case back uses blue vapor deposition to depict the FROGMAN iconic frog character, this timepiece is touted as a real diver’s watch.

    Watch enthusiasts in the Philippines can find the G-SHOCK MR-G series exclusively available at L’Atelier Lucerne at GF15 Shangri-la at The Fort Manila, 3rd Ave. cor 30th St. Crescent Park, West District, Taguig.

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