Achieve your wellness goals with the latest Garmin Venu 3 GPS smartwatches

    TechnologyWearablesAchieve your wellness goals with the latest Garmin Venu 3 GPS smartwatches

    Garmin, a global leader in GPS technology and smartwatches, recently announced the launch of Venu 3 and Venu 3S GPS smartwatches. These cutting-edge wearables are designed to empower users on their health and fitness journeys, offering a host of features to help individuals achieve their wellness goals.

    The Venu 3 series redefines what a smartwatch can do by providing comprehensive fitness insights, stunning AMOLED touchscreen displays, and remarkable battery life. This series is engineered to give users a more complete understanding of their health and fitness, making it the ideal companion for active lifestyles. It also includes new features for wheelchair users—letting them track pushes, follow wheelchair-specific workouts and more. 

    Available in two sizes and comfortable enough to wear all day and night, the Venu 3 series gets up to 14 days of battery life in smartwatch mode. And because users don’t have to charge their watch every night, they can monitor health metrics 24/7 and receive a more holistic view of their stress, Body Battery, and sleep with new personalized sleep coaching and nap detection. 

    “At Garmin, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our users through innovative technology. No matter what your health and fitness journey looks like, Venu 3 is ready to support you every step of the way. The Venu 3 series is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity, connectivity, and user experience. We believe these smartwatches will revolutionize the way people approach their health and fitness journeys,” said Scoppen Lin, assistant general manager, Garmin Asia.

    New features to love

    • Sleep coach: Receive a sleep score and personalized coaching for how much sleep is recommended and keep track of different sleep stages, naps, and other key metrics such as Pulse Ox and heart rate variability (HRV) status. 
    • Morning report: Receive an overview of sleep, recovery, HRV status, and more upon waking up. Even customize the report to view more personalized details. 
    • Nap detection: Automatically track or log naps to see how they may benefit the body and the suggested time and duration they should be.
    • Body Battery improvements: Monitor energy levels throughout the day to find the best times for activity and rest. And get even more details and personal insights on how sleep, naps, daily activities, and high stress specifically impact energy levels.
    • Wheelchair mode: Track daily pushes and receive weight shift alerts plus wheelchair-specific sports apps and workouts. In creating these new features, the algorithms of some existing features were modified to enhance the meaningfulness of key insights for wheelchair users
    • Workout benefit and recovery time: Better understand how each workout affects the body and how much time is needed to recover to take on any fitness challenge.
    • Rate of perceived exertion: Record how difficult a workout was and how it felt.
    • Interval creation: Build interval workouts for running and cycling activities right on the watch.
    • Meditation activity: Follow guided meditation practices to help reduce stress, anxiety and more.
    • Built-in speaker and microphone: Make and take calls right from the watch (when paired with a compatible smartphone) and use the smartphone’s voice assistant to respond to text messages and more. Those with an Android phone can also view photo messages and respond to texts using the on-watch keyboard.

    The Venu 3 and Venu 3S GPS smartwatches are now available for purchase and have a suggested retail price starting at PHP28,250. To learn more about the Venu 3 series and Garmin’s extensive range of wearable devices, please visit Garmin Philippines’ website or Facebook page.

    Engineered on the inside for life on the outside, Garmin outdoor recreation products have revolutionized life for adventurers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Committed to developing products that enhance experiences and enrich lives, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday. 

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