Work and play with the newest OPPO Watch Free and OPPO Enco Air2

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    OPPO continues to introduce functional smartphones and gadgets to help consumers be more productive from day to night, with the newest OPPO Watch Free and OPPO Enco Air2.

    “OPPO ensures that innovation is always at the heart of its products. We understand the importance of a seamless digital experience for a more productive life whether at work or at home,” said Chiqui Tapawan, OPPO Philippines head of marketing communications. The leading global smartphone brand recently introduced two devices that boast top-of-the-line features perfect for work and play. : 

    Time for overall health and wellness

    Have trouble sleeping at night? The OPPO Watch Free is the newest smartwatch exclusively equipped with OSleep which provides comprehensive and personalized sleep monitoring and analysis for before, during, and after sleep. It sends bedtime reminders and analyzes your sleep latency, sleep duration, and sleep phases with features such as deep and light sleep analysis and rapid eye movement (REM) monitoring. It has multiple sensors that are able to detect sleep problems and propose suggestions in a timely manner. 

    Since fitness also contributes to overall health apart from getting quality sleep, OPPO Watch Free is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor to support over 100 sport modes including built-in professional running courses to help you achieve your fat-burning goals efficiently, a 24-hour heart rate monitor which vibrates to warn you of irregular heartbeat and gives you “stand up” reminders plus, 5-minute relaxation videos designed to encourage office workers to relax and stay fit.  

    Like most smartwatches, it also has a range of productivity features such as message notifications, incoming call notifications, call rejection, Find My Phone, and music playback control.

    It is light to wear on your wrist and clear to read thanks to its AMOLED HD display which can easily show over 40+ stylish watch faces for you to choose from or maximize the AI Outfit Watch Face 2.0 feature that lets you create personalized watch faces to match your outfit.

    OPPO Watch Free has a long battery life of 14 days. If you’re going outdoors, you don’t need to worry about charging as it just needs 5 minutes to get you a full day of use. 

    OPPO Watch Free is available in two color options of Vanilla and Black.

    Level up your listening situation

    Spare yourself from tangled wires and enjoy the freedom of listening to music wirelessly with OPPO Enco Air2, the newest entry-level earbuds which satisfy your need for quality audio, charming aesthetics, and practical performance. 

    The OPPO Enco Air2 provides users with deep, powerful bass, crystal-like midrange, and silvery treble—the perfect combination for an immersive audio experience. The Bluetooth® -enabled earbuds have two new Enco Live sound effects: Clear Vocals and Bass Boost to further enhance their bass performance so listening to pop, rock, or EDM, will give you a live concert-like experience. 

    Whether you love mobile gaming or TV shows, the OPPO Enco Air2’s certified low-latency performance will deliver an experience that’s on par with traditional wired earbuds. Users can enable Game Mode with just triple tap to enter low-latency mode—it’s specially designed to improve problems such as out-of-sync audio and visuals, interference, and more. 

    The new earbuds are also very ergonomic and light which allows you all-day comfort. It can deliver music playback for up to 4 hours without the charging case but when used with the charging case, the earbuds can provide playback for up to 24 hours.

    The OPPO Enco Air2 also has an AI Noise Cancellation feature which automatically adjusts the audio when in a noisy environment, and updated smart touch controls. It can also be used by OPPO smartphone users as a remote camera control for hands-free convenience.

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