Orient adds Diver Design 40 featuring new size and design to its line-up

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    Orient has introduced new models to its iconic Diver design series. The latest model features a  sporty diver style but with a simple design ideal for everyday use. Additionally, its new compact  39.9mm case makes it ideal for both men and women. 

    *Not an ISO standard diver’s watch

    Orient’s Diver design models, while not ISO standard diver’s watches, are an important part of Orient’s history and have represented everything that the brand stands for since their launch in the 1960s. Affectionally known as  Orient Mako since its launch in 2004, this series continues to be popular with its casual and stylish design combined with a vintage feel, maintaining features such as water resistance to 20 bar and in-house automatic movement that provides stable high accuracy and reliability. 

    This model brings a new dimension to the Diver design, which is popular both as a fashionable item and for wearing around town, with a compact, simple and light new style. The first difference is the case size: the new model has a more compact 39.9 mm case, compared to the 41.8 mm of its predecessor, that both men and women will find easy to wear. 

    With the smaller case comes a movement that shows only the date, as well as a simpler dial calendar display. Bars are used for the Luminous Light hands and indices that allow the time to be read even in the dark, lending a clean feel and creating a simpler, more visible dial layout.  The simple, light feel of the design also extends to the shape of the right side of the case, where the crown guard usually sits but is deliberately omitted here, as well as the rotating bezel that is left uncolored to showcase the texture of the steel. 

    The new design accentuates the colors of the dial even more, with the basic black and navy dials adding a sense of lightness to the Diver design, while the bright-toned white, apricot, and lilac dials reminiscent of the morning beachside lend a refreshing, casual feel. The apricot and lilac models come with a pull-through calfskin strap in tones that suit the respective dial colors. 

    Inside the 20-bar water-resistant case is an automatic in-house calibre F6722 (with hand winding). This provides stable high-precision accuracy with a range between +25 seconds to -15 seconds per day, with a 40-hour power reserve. The new size and design combined with the mechanical movement make this diver design suitable to enjoy in a wide range of settings.

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