All-New Suzuki Swift Media Drive to Historic Bataan

    Archives All-New Suzuki Swift Media Drive to Historic Bataan

    The country’s motoring media got the chance to test the all-new Suzuki Swift’s mettle through a drive to Bataan.

    The two-day test drive, which happened last March 28 and 29, put the motoring media behind the all-new Suzuki Swift’s wheel. Boasting outstanding performance and quality craftsmanship in a compact chassis, the drive to the scenic Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar was nothing but pleasant.

    Powered by a 1.2-liter engine, the Suzuki hatchback features zippy performance and a youthful vibe yet sporty exterior. Driving it through the Spanish-colonial era-designed houses of Las Casas provided a refreshing contrast–a sight not to be missed.

    Participants of the media drive to Bataan

    The drive kicked off at Suzuki Caloocan, followed by a 3-hour journey to this north of Manila destination. The Swift demonstrated its fuel efficiency, powerful performance, and advanced safety features as it navigated NLEX and bumpy roads of Bataan.

    What made the drive an excellent experience was Swift’s GL grade features, which contributes to solid footwork. This made easy work of the rough roads of Bagac, Bataan.  

    Suzuki Philippines director and general manager for Automobile Keiichi Suzuki welcomed the media drive participants with a speech. “Since its launch in 2018, the all-new Suzuki Swift has been receiving good response, and this media test drive is another proof of the Swift’s reliable performance on the road. It is also a testament to our ability to keep up with the changing needs of Filipino drivers, especially the millennial market. The Swift continues to evolve to offer our young Filipino drivers a richer driving experience. This is another way we reach out to more Filipinos and share with them the Suzuki Way of Life,” Suzuki shares.

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