Behind the Scenes: The Brushstroke Creatives Experience

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    The full-scale print and cutting service provider, Brushstroke Creatives, held an exclusive and experiential journey for their guests by immersing them through every single stage of the production process. The event gathered selected media personalities, along with existing and potential clients of Brushstroke Creatives who shared their unique stories about their experience with the company. 

    It started with the unveiling of Brushstroke Creatives’ Timeline Wall which shows the company’s history and milestone over the years. These included the company’s expansion of services in 2007. In that same year, Brushstroke Creatives received its ISO 2015 certification from SGS. In 2010, Brushstroke Creatives expressed a more aggressive commitment to innovation and sustainability as it invested in state-of-the-art printing and cutting machines as well as measures that embodied green printing and eco-friendly solutions.

    The second phase of the event was the guided tour around Brushstroke Creatives’ warehouse.  Each guest were given “tour tickets” which detailed each station that they were slated to visit in the warehouse. The goal of the activity was for guests to go through all of the stations and be familiarized with the whole production process that the company does everyday for their clients.  During the tour, operators demonstrated how each one of the machines worked and even showed guests the finished outputs.

    The final part of the event was the reveal of the showroom, an expansive area within Brushstroke Creatives’ warehouse which houses vignettes of the company’s past projects as well as installations of its various services. Inside the showroom, guests got a firsthand look at the Designery’s lounge area (showroom dedicated exclusively to interior design), award display area, wall accent area, and LED curtain display area.

    Indeed, Brushstroke Creatives’ transition to a bigger warehouse is reflective of its growing status as a leading service provider in the field of innovative printing, cutting, and creative installations. “As we strive to be the top-of-mind choice for clients in need of superb marketing and interior design solutions, Brushstroke Creatives will continue to explore the infinite possibilities; the best view comes after the hardest climb,” sahred by Agree Ferrer, general manager of Union Inks and Graphics Philippines, Inc.

    Operating under Union Inks and Graphics Philippines Inc. and a member of the Primer Group of Companies, it continues to redefine the industry as it constantly pushes the boundaries in pursuit of infinite possibilities in digital printing and cutting solutions. 

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