Belkin holds hands with MSI-ECS, looks to strengthen Philippine presence

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    Belkin, a company that’s known for their excellent Apple peripherals and add-ons, are looking to strengthen their Philippine presence by joining forces with one of the most well known gadget distributors in the country, MSI-ECS.

    In an event held in the Marriott Hotel in Pasay, the event was attended by key Belkin and MSI-ECS execs, including Louise Lye, ASEAN general manager for Belkin and, Jimmy Go, president and CEO, of MSI-ECS Philippines. The partnership heralds a new era for Belkin in the country, as the company will start offering not only Apple peripherals, but almost all of their products including networking devices, power strips and mice.

    On hand during the event were several zones where Belkin products on display covering home, enterprise and on-the-go solutions. Of particular note were their power strips, as Belkin has an attached device warranty in which they state that if the attached devices to the strip are damaged or destroyed as a direct fault of the strip, Belkin will repair and replace the power strip and all the devices attached to it. How’s that for confidence?

    Also unveiled during the event was Belkin’s home network routers. The routers have are packed to the brim with features and an easy to use GUI, which means that even the most inexperienced user can set it up and connect it within minutes. The price of the routers range from Php 1990 for the entry level model to Php 5990 for the high end Play Max model.

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