A PC and Tablet Fusion: Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Pro Series

    Technology Technology News A PC and Tablet Fusion: Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Pro Series

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    Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), a leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies recently unveiled their latest line of productivity tablets.

    Crafted to yield the productivity of the PC and the comfort of a tablet, the Pro Series by Samsung Galaxy features the Galaxy Note Pro (12.2-inch) and the Tab Pro (8.4-inch). This line of tablets is the go-to tool for the creative, dynamic, and progressive individual.

    The tablets featured in the series, both boast of a WQXVGA Display with 4 million pixels that offer a crystal clear resolution making for a worthwhile viewing experience. It also allows access to the desktop of the user via its remote PC feature.

    The Galaxy Note Pro maximizes its game-changing screen size through the introduction of the enhanced Multi-window feature.

    Also, Samsung introduced the addition of the Hancom Office in the Pro Series, which is an application that allows users to create, edit and access documents, spreadsheets and presentation on the go.

    The Hancom Office Suite is available as a free download in the Samsung Apps store to the Pro series. All this with the use of the multi function S Pen for an enhanced method of input with the Galaxy Note Pro.

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