Doctors and Lenovo Yoga: a Partnership in Health

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    There are two things I personally don’t like about going to the doctor: the chilling touch of their stethoscopes and, in some cases, their stereotypical hieroglyphic handwriting. Though the former can’t be avoided, the latter will likely occur less and less as tablets are slowly being adopted by the medical professions. It’s estimated that tablet-using medics in the United States alone will grow above 50 percent in the coming years. Locally, there are already plans for the implementation of cloud-based electronic health records so expect that Filipino doctors will ride the mentioned trend soon.


    Helping facilitate the digital transition is Lenovo which seeks to provide mobile solutions to Philippine medical professionals. Strutting one of Lenovo’s innovative Yoga tablets is Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology specialist Dr. Darwin Uy of Metro North Medical Center. He is one of the few doctors in the country applying the multi-mode design, integrated Bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi and GPS, 18-hour battery life and optional 3G HSPA+ connectivity features of the tablet in his day-to-day mobility and patient management requirements.

    “Medical practitioners are often away from their desks since they are on call most of the time. With its impressive 18-hour battery life, great connectivity options and intuitive Hold, Tilt, and Stand modes that showcase innovative craftsmanship, physicians like Dr. Uy can rely on the Yoga Tablet when they need immediate access to their patient’s clinical records. They can also use it to monitor applications for patients, read up on the latest medical news or simply send emails in any mode they prefer regardless of location,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager of Lenovo Philippines.

    People with on-the-go lifestyles need a tablet as dynamic as them. The flexible Lenovo Yoga (no pun intended) is able to keep up with Dr. Uy’s active schedule thanks to dual batteries which give it enough juice to last beyond a rigorous day. Because it’s portable and light weight, he can fit it comfortably in his bag and rush from appointment to appointment.


    For added creature comfort, the Yoga has a multi-mode design allowing it to adapt to your daily needs. For Dr. Uy, Tilt mode provides a good viewing angle that makes typing easier. Hold mode makes it easier to carry the tablet around thanks to the ingenious and ergonomic design. The Stand mode allows him to maximize the capabilities of the ten point multi-touch screen when presenting and discussing medical matters to his patients and colleagues.

    Finally, the Yoga tablet features support for apps such as Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic, which updates Dr. Uy with the best routes to take so he arrives on time for appointments; Day by Day, which helps him keep track of his patients’ schedules; Medscape, which is his one-stop mobile medical reference tool that updates him on the latest in the medical field; and UpToDate, a unique feature that gives him snappy medical information without the need to leave patients.

    “My Yoga Tablet allows me to juggle various tasks without having to rely on multiple devices. With a battery life that lasts beyond that of conventional tablets, it serves as a personal assistant who helps me manage my daily activities round the clock, from sending emails to keeping abreast of the latest medical and industry news. It also helps to boost my day-to-day productivity level,” beams Dr. Uy.


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