Reviewed: Edifier M3600

    Whenever I’m alone in my room and feeling blue, I only do three things: get my phone, connect it to a speaker, and open either Spotify or Netflix while lying on my bed. Admittedly, I find solace in film and music, and that’s why I’ve been wanting a decent speaker I can add to my burrow. Luckily, I bumped into a reputable brand that my special someone suggested a couple of months ago. Fast forward to the present, I encountered Edifier again. This time, instead of the Bluetooth-enabled speakers I had first heard of, I was able to get my hands on its newest multimedia speakers, the M3600D.

    Design: 5/5

    Upon opening the box, I came across the two satellite speakers, the subwoofer, and a 3.5 mm dual RCA audio cable that measures 1.7 meters. Don’t be surprised if you find the whole system a bit heavy. It is, however, easier to position on a narrow desk, which is great if you don’t have a lot of that to spare.

    The subwoofer and mesh-protected satellites are made sleek and black for a classic touch. Essential ports for cables as well as its power button are located on the 8-inch subwoofer. Surprisingly, its serial inputs are placed on the right satellite speaker, where most of the controls are located like the volume dial, headphone jack, and an LED indicator are found. The bass knob, however, is found at the back of the large subwoofer which may be difficult for those who want to adjust its bass quality.

    Hardware: 5/5

    One of the awesome things that makes the M3600D a great choice for entertainment consumption is its THX certification. In layman’s terms, you’ll get world-class audio quality, right through the speakers. Another ace is its lightweight Class D amplifier that reduces overheating without compromising its power efficiency. And these 2.1 speakers from Edifier has an incredible output of up to 200 watts, giving you remarkable sound impact.

    Created with an 8-inch subwoofer driver protected with metal grilles, this flexible speaker accepts three kinds of audio inputs: digital optical, coaxial, PC and auxiliary ports.
    This provides a lot of options whether you prefer plugging in to your mobile device, laptop, or even in entertainment systems.

    User Experience: 4.5/5

    I’ll keep this short and simple: the M3600D offers superb audio performance with a very impressive bass that is good for gaming as well as music and video streaming. Just a friendly reminder though: the satellite speakers work directionally so you better set them up tilted towards you for better results. I first tried to plug it into my office laptop and I have to admit, it captured my music and film junkie’s heart. Hearing sophisticated sound from its two satellites plus adding a resonant sound from the subwoofer gives you a three-dimensional entertainment and gaming experience. It delivered the same effect when I plugged its audio jack to my Android phone.

    Unfortunately, you have to first turn it on through its power button located at the back of the subwoofer, then push the volume dial on the right satellite to make it work. It requires a few extra steps, but you’ll be rewarded with studio-like music that fills up to medium-sized rooms.

    Value: 5/5

    I’ll give you one major clue why the M3600D is a value for money—upon research, it is the most affordable THX-certified multimedia speakers in the local market. With its carefully crafted body and exceptional capability in the audio department, you get an outstanding set of multimedia speakers for only PHP 7,500.


    It’s the most affordable THX certified multimedia speakers that provides astounding audio experience.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE April 2018 Issue.

    Reviewed by Jewel Sta. Ana

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