Tests conducted by NESIC show Smart Bro plug-it is faster than the competition

    It’s a conundrum every potential broadband stick buyer faces: which network is faster? While each broadband provider likes to tout figures and “theoretical” speeds their products can achieve, nothing beats seeing hard numbers backed by empirical evidence. Smart’s saying that their Smart Bro Plug-It has faster connection speeds than the competition, and has the data to prove it.

    Smart enlisted the help of engineering service provider NESIC Philippines, Inc. (NPI) to find out how fast their stick really was. Tests were conducted in 100 locations around the country (29 in Metro Manila, 21 in North Luzon, 18 in South Luzon, 15 in Visayas and 17 in Mindanao) to find out how Smart’s offering stacked up to the competition. The results of the tests were staggering: Smart Bro managed to outperform the competition in ALL locations in terms of average download speeds, and according to NESIC, there is an average difference of 0.74Mbps between Smart Bro and its rival with 26 areas reflecting a 1Mbps discrepancy or greater.

    As far as we know, the tests were conducted with the popular online speed testing program, with the server being used located in San Francisco. Here’s a couple of key statistics that were shown during the briefing:

    Peak Speed Results

    • Smart is faster in 99 of the 100 test locations
    • 2.66Mbps highest peak speed for Smart Bro achieved at Plantation Bay Resort
    • At least 1Mbps faster in 47 locations
    • At least 1.5Mbps faster in 14 locations
    • Highest speed difference of 2.29Mbps achieved in Tondo, Manila

    Average Speed Results

    • Smart is faster in ALL locations
    • 0.9Mbps average download speed for Smart Bro vs 0.17Mbps of Competition
    • At least 1Mbps faster in 26 locations
    • Highest speed difference of 1.52Mbps achieved in Parkview Village, Taguig City

    To further prove the point, Smart pitted Globe’s HSPA+ broadband stick the Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini versus their soon to be released HSPA+ Rocket Plug-it broadband stick. To put things in perspective the event was held in the MCafe in Ayala, which as most readers would know, is primarily a Globe dominated area.

    First off the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini:

    Now Smart’s Rocket Plug-it:



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