Reebok’s Floatride: A Cushion Technology for Comfort and Responsiveness

    Lifestyle Active Lifestyle Reebok’s Floatride: A Cushion Technology for Comfort and Responsiveness

    In the forefront of Reebok’s Technologies are  unmatched running and fitness innovations. Bringing in another surprise for its customers, Reebok has developed Floatride Run, its most advanced running shoe ever released. With comfort and performance brought to the highest level, the running shoe provides unprecedented  quality.

    The shoe and the technology behind it  is the result of  Reebok’s extended research and development; its lightweight Floatride Foam Technology mimics a floating feeling while running.  The high level of comfort, even in the most intensive performances, is mainly due to the Floatride Foam being pressure set for  a consistent cell structure that balances softness and responsiveness.

    To complement the shoe’s precisely-engineered foam, the Reebok Floatride Run also features a design that merges utility and style. The shoe sports ultra knits for support and flexibility. Furthermore, it boasts a unique silhouette design, and a sleek aesthetic feel. A distinctive look merged with an innovative technology for performance  is what the  Reebok Float Ride encapsulates.

    “Floatride represents a reintroduction from Reebok to committed runners around the world.  A lot has been invested in the research behind the technical components of the shoe and we’re delighted with the results. We’re inviting the entire running community to ‘Feel The Floatride’  and to give us their feedback on its ride and performance,” said Schott Daley, general manager of Running at Reebok.

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