Could OnLive on an Android device be the future of video games?

    Technology Apps Could OnLive on an Android device be the future of video games?

    For those who are not familiar, OnLive is a gaming service that has been around for about a year that allows its users to play high resolution games over the internet. Of course, you must first have a computer or Android/iOS device that is powerful enough to run the particular games you want to play and a fast enough internet connection to stream them. What makes the app different from the rest is that it can bring games that are usually exclusive to consoles (such as the Xbox and PlayStation) and PCs to your smart device, turning your device into a portable gaming console. Games such as NBA 2K12, L.A Noire, Assassin’s Creed, Fallout and Street Fighter IV have already been converted for OnLive play. Although every game has been redesigned so that the controls translate well on a touch screen, some games do still require a real controller and there are many controllers out there that can be purchased to attach to your smart device. OnLive also offers the OnLive Game System, which includes the OnLive MicroConsole TV adapter, a wireless controller, and the needed cables and accessories, allowing users to play using their TV.


    Although hard-core gamers may currently still prefer consoles and PCs, the fast-developing smart device industry keeps making faster and more powerful devices that could perhaps one day equal the specs on your game console and PC. Perhaps by that time, the OnLive style of gaming could take over the industry and transform it.

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