TnT to bring Experto Experimento 2023

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    Not too long after their enchanting act for the Falcon Fete 2023, the Tinik ng Teatro (TnT) returned with its annual Experto Experimento with two different theatrical pieces at the Adamson University Ozanam AVR on February 23 to 24.

    Krista Caddarao, TnT vice president for internal affairs, said the theme, “Bakit Tayo Nandito?” aimed to answer a sought-after philosophical question about life.

    Bakit Tayo Nandito? is a rhetorical question that the two directors will try to answer with their interpretation of life, purpose, and the world through their theatrical pieces,” she said.

    Caddarao explained that Experto Experimento is a yearly tradition founded by their alumni, mainly intending to witness and showcase the members’ growth after undergoing numerous workshops and getting familiar with the ropes of theatre production.

    “For one, it is to hone our apprentices… Lastly, is to experiment with their skills, leadership, and artistry, and break the four walls of creativity,” she stated.

    Experto Experimento officially started in 2004 with the name “Eksperto Eksperimento: Sining ng Teatro.” Since then, the said event has become a way for TnT members to get involved in the performance art.

    “This is a chance for TNT Members to write and direct their own productions provided that the actors will come from the pool of apprentices they have within the organization,” she shared.

    The spectators can look forward to two acts entitled “Salidummay” and “Broken Playlist,” prepared by two competing groups. These will be evaluated and awarded during the awards night during the organization’s anniversary ball.

    “Salidummay,” a play directed by Ramon Lance De Leon, will give a glimpse and representation of the way of life and traditional music of the natives, specifically from the region of Cordillera.

    While “Broken Playlist,” directed by Eduard Aquino, is a musical that will present the five stages of grief through a collection of characters’ lives and relationships.

    For more information about Experto Experimento 2023, visit the official Facebook page of TnT at Tinik Ng Teatro – Adamson University.

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