Globe myBusiness launches ShiftED to transform PH schools and empower Filipinos with world-class learning via technology

    Globe myBusiness has launched a campaign that will enable academic institutions in their journey towards digital transformation and empower Filipinos with world-class learning through technology.

    Called ShiftED, the initiative was created by Globe myBusiness to assist the government and schools in developing globally-competitive students and teachers.

    “We now have a generation who is in a world that is always online.  They are living in micro moments influenced by technology so we need to keep up to ensure that we communicate better and more effectively with them.  We need to adjust or we won’t connect with them.  We need to innovate or we won’t be able to influence,” said Derrick Heng, Globe Senior Advisor for Globe myBusiness, Globe Telecom’s arm which caters to micro, small, and medium enterprises.

    He added:  “Globe myBusiness hopes to create a better experience and impact the lives of people, thus, we continue to look for ways to help the education sector be future-ready by improving how students learn and educators teach with the use of technology.”

    ShiftED carries education-related activities of Globe such as the Digital Thumbprint Program which promotes responsible digital citizenship and cyber wellness for students; and PRISM, a three-week digital literacy improvement program aimed at advancing the digital literacy skills of Filipino educators.

    Aside from these programs, Globe myBusiness provides connectivity and solutions that can aid schools to be digitally-ready and help learners and educators stay ahead of the curve.

    For instance, Globe myBusiness learning management solutions encourage students to go beyond memorization and boost their learning through interaction, critical thinking, and a readily available source of knowledge.  A school management system, on the other hand, streamlines all the tasks involved in running an institution such as administrative activities and student performance monitoring to save time, money, and energy, leading to better performance of the staff and students.

    Globe myBusiness also provides relevant solutions to local entrepreneurs and assists the country in its digital transformation by partnering with Spring Valley, the largest integrated technology and innovation hub in the Philippines, to bridge the academe-industry gap by helping connect college students with the right companies for on-the-job training and prepare the workforce for the demands of the industry.

    Under the partnership, Globe myBusiness will power up Spring Valley’s online platform, an on-the-job training matching site that allows students, companies and future employers, schools and other institutions to work together for a more efficient and meaningful student internship.

    ShiftEd was introduced during Edutech 2018, a two-day conference and exhibit that aims to deliver ways on making education continuously relevant in the 21st century.

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