Wanderlust: UP ERG’s 87th anniversary

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    The UP Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG) is gearing up for its 87th anniversary celebration with the theme ERG 87: Wanderlust. This week-long event promises to take participants on a journey through the organization’s rich history and achievements.

    UP ERG is a duly recognized organization based in the University of the Philippines Diliman Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) dedicated to fostering well-rounded members. The UP ERG mission is to be a socio-politically aware and academically inclined organization fostering the holistic growth of its members, and constantly elevating standards and exemplifying the student body with enhanced communication and interaction among student, faculty, and staff through the promotion of university-wide academics and social well-being. It is also visioned to be a student conglomerate that raises the bar for others, through humility in selfless service and excellence through academic distinction.

    Since its establishment in 1935, UP ERG has been dedicated to producing well-rounded members and promoting excellence and service. This anniversary celebration is a testament to the organization’s commitment to its mission and its members. It is a week-long celebration that includes 7 distinguished sub-events: Charity Project, Opening Night, Mx ERG, Committee Challenges, Exhibit, Radio Webinar, and ERG Night.

    Charity Project: Step by Step

    Continuing the organization’s long-standing efforts for public service, this year’s Charity Project of UP ERG will focus on giving grocery goods to Ima’s Home for Children in Arayat, Pampanga.

    Opening Night: Walk in the Park

    As a kick-off event, Opening Night formally commences the week-long anniversary celebration of UP ERG through a collection of guest speakers, games and activities, entertainment, and awarding of members of the organization.

    Mx ERG: The Lava Walk

    In the search for sheer wit and talent, Mx. ERG, the annual inter-committee pageant of UP ERG, best embodies the forces of nature that will test if the participants have what it takes to be the best. This pageant  will commence during Opening Night and the coronation will be held during ERG Night.

    Committee Challenges: Through the Hills

    In the name of camaraderie and team building, the different committees of the organization will step up as they take on different challenges with the goal of becoming this year’s best UP ERG committee. For this year, Committee Challenges finally goes blended as it incorporates both online — social media challenges, and face-to-face — physical challenges through an exciting on-campus amazing race, RunningDEP.

    Radio Seminar: On Air

    Memorializing its origin as a radio club, UP ERG upholds its dedication to promoting amateur radio discipline through an Amateur Radio Seminar. This is an initiative for interested participants who wish to learn more about ham radio and eventually pursue an amateur radio license.  

    Exhibit: The Ancestry

    Discover the core and foundation of the organization through a special anniversary Exhibit that features its extensive history and flagship events.

    ERG Night: All Night in the City Lights

    ERG Night celebrates 87 years’ worth of service, excellence, and success brought by the organization. This is an annual opportunity for members to reflect upon UP ERG’s core values and reaffirm them by looking back at the organization’s contributions to the EEE community and the country.

    These events will highlight the organization’s efforts and achievements over the years, and provide a platform for members to connect and engage with each other.

    UP ERG has a long-standing reputation for its strong relationships with partners and the EEE community, and this anniversary celebration is an opportunity to further strengthen these relationships. The organization is excited to share its journey with the community and celebrate its 87th year of service.

    Don’t miss out on this week-long celebration of UP ERG’s rich history and achievements. Join us as we reminisce about the efforts and successes of the organization and celebrate its 87th anniversary.

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