Experto Experimento: A cultural and contemporary refreshment

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    On February 23, Adamson University’s Tinik ng Teatro made a comeback with their highly anticipated event, Experto Experimento, which showcased its talents by providing us with two-stage performances with outstanding directing and scriptwriting.

    I haven’t been in a play, and I can say that I’m not a fan.

    But bear with me while I explain. I don’t dislike theater or stage plays; I just never got around to going to one. Yet, when I stepped into their creative space, I must admit this was an exception.

    They created such an awe-inspiring ambiance for the crowd that your excitement won’t be lessened by not having context on what theater does.


    Salidumay, written and directed by Ramon De Leon, is a play that took upon the inspiration of folk dances in the Kalinga Tribe.

    The plot is typical: family feuds, unrequited loves, and fixed weddings, but the two main leads became the spotlight of the play. They grasped the steps for the cultural rituals, speaking, and acting– not to mention the talented supporting casts.

    I was astounded by the language’s modernization and engaging performances. Writers and directors completed the scripts with modern humor, lines, and storytelling that we can’t help but appreciate.

    “The script was baked with a chef’s kiss,” I said to myself, as I watch the characters interact with each other. I immediately felt that they did not miss a thing working on the screenplay. I was left stunned.

    The unique fighting sequences of the play brought chills down my spine. They picked up music that let the viewers be enthralled and feel they were on the scene of the play. Seeing people responding to some of those gut-wrenching scenes hits differently.

    Broken Playlist

    Have you ever been betrayed, forgotten, or taken for granted? Then this show is for you. It’s a dark, tragic, sad, heart-punching story that our society is facing presently.

    Broken Playlist is a decent musical but a hard-hitting show that steers the audience’s relatability, directed by Eduard Aquino, a former Public Relations Officer of TnT.

    Everyone was immediately fascinated by the performance since it has various musical styles corresponding to the different emotional stages shown in the play. The actors and actresses successfully raised everyone’s spirits in that room. Despite being shorter than the first play, I was drawn in by the storyline, which kept everyone hooked for every scene.

    The story revolves around different love experiences. It is a cut-scene play where every character tells a stand-alone story, and each faces dilemmas that do not affect other characters. This allows us to have unique connections with every standout character.

    The cast also used captivating jokes and humor mainly for the audience’s engagement as they prepared us to be torn apart by every story.

    My favorite scene in the play is about a girl who was forced to abort her child. I was displeased at the absent father. This is the one that brought on my tears, and I could tell that the actress really studied for that role.

    Two successful Experto Experimento shows in one day. First is reminiscing our cultural background by providing in-depth performances through dancing, singing, and humor. Second is showcasing the cruelty of our world today and the reality of life: regrets, mistakes, and consequences.

    All in all, TnT came back with a bang! Through Experto Experimento, they produced exceptional shows that gave the viewers a thrilling experience. Both shows offered a powerful refreshment of ideas and perspectives of our world.

    Reviewed by Aaron Sabile

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