Award-winning Laguna coffee now in a cold-brew can

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    This holiday season, pinoys can now get a chance, for a limited time, to taste the country’s award-winning Liberica coffee from Sta. Maria, Laguna, in a Cold Brew Kit. 

    The coffee used in the Cold Brew Kit won 2nd runner-up at the 2022 Japanese Barista Championship held recently in Japan. 

    The Philippine Liberica Coffee is being championed around the world and capturing the hearts and taste preferences of expert baristas and judges around the world by 2019 Philippine National Barista champion, Michael Harris Conlin and Henry and Sons. 

    With cold brew’s ever-growing popularity and countless benefits, it’s about time someone made the process of making it super easy and affordable. “Whoever adds the water makes money, but this time, we want you to be the one to add the water, so you get to save your hard-earned money,” said Conlin. 

    “With the ready-to-cold brew kit, you won’t have to fuss around with grind size, filters, or water-to-coffee ratio. JUST ADD WATER and put it in the fridge for 12 hours, and you’ll have a perfectly extracted, super sweet, low acidity, low bitterness flavor-packed cold brew. Making a cold brew is now easier than ever with the Ready to Cold Brew kit,” added Conlin. 

    “We created this unique coffee blend to mirror how coffee is a slow and meticulous process. It takes five years for a newly planted tree to bear fruit, six months for pollinated flowers to grow into a ripe cherry, harvest and processing is three to four months, drying takes four to six weeks, and the parchment is rested for 90-120 days before hulling and roasting. Coffee is a slow, meticulous process, so once in a while, let’s pause and reflect on the hard work of the people who made this coffee and its long journey to your cup,” added Conlin.

    How to Prepare:

    • Open the can
    • Add 150g water
    • Cover
    • Put in the refrigerator for 12-18 hr.
    • Pour and indulge

    Aroma: Berries, Honey Lemon

    Flavor impression: Jasmine, Aloe, Natural Orange zest, Yuzu, Violet Florals, Fuji Apples.

    For more information, visit www.henryandsons and

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