Missing the food in online meetings and celebrations? Make it happen with Max’s E-Party

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    No meeting is complete without a sumptuous meal. That is why Max’s Restaurant, the go-to destination for every kind of celebration, is now giving customers the chance to still enjoy their Max’s favorites even as meetings and celebrations have turned virtual. Introducing Max’s E-Party, a first-of-its-kind ordering platform in the Philippines that allows customers to complete their their online meetings and celebrations with food delivered to each of the participants’ locations.

    The food element has been sorely missing from our virtual gatherings, and the lack of it can make any online meet-up feel like a drag. With Max’s E-Party, customers can make their virtual gatherings more fun and exciting.

    Relatives, friends, and colleagues can now come together to enjoy their favorite dishes and each other’s company – virtually! Through a simple order form, customers can easily place orders and schedule simultaneous deliveries in just three easy steps: (1) Select the date & time, (2) input the delivery details and food per address, and (3) pay online. Customers can also order for up to 10 different locations and can expect their meals come at the same time. Max’s E-Party elevates online get-togethers with an easier and faster way to order food not just for yourself, but also for the whole family. 

    You can choose from a range of solo meals and bundles featuring your Max’s favorites such as the Sarap-To-The-BonesÒ Fried Chicken, Pancit Canton, Kare-Kare, Halo-Halo, and Max’s Corner Bakery’s Chocolate Message Cake. Party favors, such as balloons and party hats, are included to make the celebration all the more festive.

    “As the flagbearer of Filipino cuisine and culture, we know that celebrations are something deeply ingrained in our society and traditions,” shares Max’s Restaurant marketing director Mark De Joya. “That’s why despite everything we’re dealing with now, we continue to find ways to be there for the Filipinos who have made Max’s an indispensable companion in every celebration and occasion. We are proud to introduce Max’s E-Party not only because it is the first of it’s kind in the country, but because it also allows us to connect more people and come together, virtually for now, and delight over a Sarap-To-The-Bones experience.”

    Go ahead and set that calendar invite and be ready to order for your own Max’s E-Party! For more information, visit

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