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Restaurant Review: Cocina Peruvia

Cocina Peruvia is owned by Mother Spice Food Corporation, the same group that owns Slappy Cakes, Genki Sushi and Mango Tree Bistro. As seems to be the case with these things, Mr. Eric Teng got the idea of creating a Peruvian restaurant after a trip down to Peru. Captivated by the complex taste of Peruvian dishes, he worked with Celebrity Chef Him Uy de Baron to create a fantastic menu for the local food scene. In just the span of about two years, they gained traction as one of the better-known Peruvian restaurants in Manila. They even source some of their ingredients directly from Peru to live up to its name. With its 24/6 operation, the restaurant’s target market are the BPOs surrounding the busy streets of Bonifacio Global City.  

Experience: The vibrant orange and green color scheme of the restaurant makes it the center of attention in its corner, nestled between the skyscrapers of Bonifacio Global City. The relaxing vibe of the restaurant keeps the customers chill, and is an inviting place to stay and have a meal and a drink with your friends.

To start off, we tried their appetizer, Causa con Avocado, a dish of mashed potatoes, shrimp, avocado, and aji Amarillo, with a lemon mayo sauce. I don’t often have cold appetizers, but this is something I could go for more frequently. The shrimp are so fresh, you can almost hear the sea just around the corner.

We next tried the Anti Cuchos de Corazon (Beef heart). Yes, it was a little unnerving to learn that it was heart, and while I am not a fan of  innards, when the chef himself approaches you to recommend it, well why not? I was not disappointed–it was delicious. The texture is very much like beef, and it took in all the flavor of the marinade. Forget what you might think about what the dish is made of. You owe it to yourself to try this dish at least once. For the main course, we tried Lomo Saltado – beef tenderloin with spices, onions and tomatoes. It’s everything you’d hope to have when you see the description on the menu. The beef is tender and bursting with flavor, which makes it difficult not to want to have this with lots and lots of rice.

Their Arroz Verde con Pollo, or cilantro chicken rice, went with it excellently. Trust me not to exaggerate when I say this might be the best rice dish that I’ve tasted, bar none. I love cilantro so much and this dish is made with plenty. It’s something I want to try and make at home, though it’s going to be a tough act to follow.

Next was Adobo Peruvia. It is basically our own adobo with cream instead of vinegar. It might seem a little odd on paper, but try to just have one bite. It’s just impossible not to.

To cleanse our palette with all the savory dishes, we tried Alfajores for dessert. It is Dulce de Leche with Pulvoron and ice cream. It was a great end to our Peruvian journey–light, sweet, and refreshing.

Writer’s Tip: Peruvian cuisine has now upstaged every other type of food in my book. Yes, it’s that good.

Location: Ground Floor, Bonifacio One Technology Tower, Rizal Drive Corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Contact no.: (02) 9559975