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Restaurant Review: House of Wagyu Stone Grill

Celebrating one’s milestone is essential to all of us. We await important events in our lives such as graduation, birthday, wedding, baptismal, debut and so on. And of course, celebration = food. Admit it or not, the breaking point of a successful event is good food. Here’s a great news, we came up with a list of restaurants so you won’t do the work.

House of Wagyu Stone Grill

Event: The Anniversary

House of Wagyu Stone Grill is owned by the same person who owns Melo’s steakhouse. Both restaurants specializes in Wagyu beef. From the name itself, it is served on a scorching hot Japanese volcanic stone, where you can personally adjust the kind of cooking you want for your beef, since it is given to you raw. For the volcanic stone to retain its heat for approximately 30 minutes, it is placed in an oven for about 4-6 hours. 

Customers are assured that they are getting the best quality of meats, since these ingredients are imported from Australia and Japan.

Experience: We went to House of Wagyu Stone Grill branch at Two E-com Building, Pasay City. The view was extraordinary because it faces Manila Bay, which is very romantic at night because of all the city lights. Aside from that, you are guaranteed of privacy and intimacy since it is located inside a corporate building and not in a mall. I can assure you that this place feels like a secret retreat for you and your special someone. They also have a club rare card where you can use for your future visits.


The staffs are well trained because they immediately tend to the needs of their customers. 

For the appetizer, we were served with Zucchini soup. The soup is delicious because it is not overwhelming. It is served warm accompanied by bread.


For the main course, (the most awaited part) we were served with Ribeye (Grade 6) and Top Sirloin (Grade 8) with a side of mashed potatoes and vegetables. The beef are served raw so you would do the cooking on the stone. I enjoyed the experience and I felt like a kid because it was new for me.


Although, you should focus on your cooking since if you cooked long, the meat will be dried up and you will lose all the tasty juices. The Ribeye and Top Sirloin are both heavenly! They are tender and easy to slice. They are indeed treats to the mouth since you can taste all the juices and distinct flavors even though these are just seasoned with salt and pepper.



For the dessert, we were served with Chocolate cake Ala Mode and Cheesecake. The chocolate cake is decadent. It taste both sweet and salty, perfect in moderation. The cheesecake melts in your mouth and tastes superb. 

Writer’s tip: Splurge on these steaks. Don’t even think about it.

Price: Php 270 – Php 12,000

Location: Greenhills, Eastwood, Two E-com Building, Pasay City, The Podium

Contact: 02 (706-5385) / 02 (725 2811)