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Restaurant Review: Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining


Nowadays, food isn’t just about the food anymore – people love to post photos of the places where they have their meals. Whether it’s a garden resto, done in the modern style, or rustic, a great setting usually means a great meal.

Xiu Fine Cantonese Dining Restaurant

The name of this one-month old restaurant translates to “elegance”, and its logo is the same, written in Chinese. This high-end establishment is a partnership between HTCG Premium Food Concepts Inc., the group who also handles Lugang Cafe, Dessert Kitchen and TuanTuan, and Lawrence Koo of West Villa Hong Kong. It brings authentic, traditional Chinese cuisine paired with an upscale interior and fine decor. The ingredients and all the decor used in the restaurant are imported directly from Hong Kong and China.



This three-story establishment located in San Juan is one you can’t miss. You will be greeted by an extremely large wooden door that is the restaurant’s entrance. This is a great accent because it makes the whole experience seem so much grander than your average Chinese restaurant. The interior is just as impressive. It exudes elegance, from the extravagant chandeliers, intricate tiles, to lush carpets and massive aquarium that’s filled with what could potentially be your evening’s meal. Fresh doesn’t even begin to describe it.


First, they served us Honey-glazed Prime Cut Char Siu. Should you not be familiar with the dish, think of your favorite asado, but one made from prime, hand-picked cuts of pork. It is tender and easy to chew. This is perfectly glazed and I can eat this all day.


Next is, Pumpkin and Seafood soup. They are proud to say that they use natural ingredients to this dish and it has no “MSG”. At first, you might think that the soup is thick because it is made up of pumpkin, but I was wrong, it was very light to the palate. It contains squid, scallops and shrimp – which I truly enjoyed because it tasted fresh and it was not overcooked.


Another dish is Prawns with special sauce. The chef specifically cut these shrimps on the inner side of its shell so that it would not be overcooked and to absorb more of the sauce. This was my favorite dish! The shrimps were relatively big compared to the normal ones that you see. The sauce is spectacular and it complements the shrimps very well.


Next is, Soy Sauce Chicken in Claypot. They used Yellow chicken for this dish which is imported from Hongkong. This dish is tasty, moist and it has just the right amount of flavor. I loved the skin so much because it is savory.


They also served Baked Black Ink Rice in Claypot topped with seafood. It was also tasty and not “malansa” because they used fresh black ink from the squid.


Last is Black Sesame Buchi for dessert. This is the best buchi that I have ever tasted! The unique taste of the black sesame keeps me coming back for more. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of black sesame.

Writer’s tip: Don’t forget your credit card because you might ran out of cash when you visit this restaurant – this is not a bad news! It is super worth it.

Price: Php 120 – Php 3,000

Location: 115 Connecticut Street, Northeast Greenhills, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila

Contact no: (02) 650 7189