Tablea Batirol on the CALAX Route

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    For a unique pasalubong experience, Tablea Batirol is the place to go. Established in 2012, they sell various products made from local cacao. The name comes from the traditional hot chocolate drink, tsokolate, made from tablea or the cacao tablets, using a batirol or wooden mixing club to blend the chocolate drink. 

    Products range from Classic Sweetened Tablea used to make traditional Tsokolate, Pure Chocolate Cubes for cooking, Sikolate (bean-to-bar chocolates), and roasted cacao nibs. Their products are made from the best quality locally sourced cacao beans and have no preservatives or additives. 


    97 Burgos, Alfonso, 4123 Cavite

    Contact information:

    Website: Tablea Batirol

    Facebook: Tablea Batirol

    Instagram: @tableabatirol

    Email: [email protected]

    Mobile: 0999 102 5078

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