From the classroom to home: fun things to do during the enhanced community quarantine

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    In line with the government’s mandate enforcing an enhanced community quarantine of the entire Luzon island to combat COVID-19, classes have been suspended for a month. Work from both the private and public sectors has also been called off. Most of us are probably adjusting to the setup of working and attending class from home. We’re here to keep the fun and excitement these mundane days by helping you to continue learning new things, even outside of the classroom.

    Utilize your Internet connection

    Now is the right time to do things that you’ve been trying to accomplish. Utilize the time you have by searching for tutorial videos online. Studies say that visual learning is the most effective way to pick up new things. Pick a skill you’d like to learn, and find the resources online. Learning a new language or how to cook, and de-cluttering your room might just be the quarantine project you’ve been looking for. 

    Explore the wonders of streaming

    Apart from tutorial videos, various video streaming services offer documentaries across various genres. Tackling history, politics, and relevant social issues, these digital content further enlighten the viewers on their perspectives. Apart from gaining new information, watching documentaries and movies based on historical facts encourages people to be critical thinkers and start healthy discussions. 

    Prepare the materials needed

    Whether it’s an art and crafts project or learning to bake, you’ll need to gather and prepare everything that you may need to use. Take note that home supplies could be limited, so stick to simpler recipes or passion projects that require common household ingredients or items. If possible, use digital resources to reduce waste.

    Test your knowledge

    One way of assessing your comprehension from what you read or watch is by turning the project into reality. In this way, you’ll be able to know if you’ve successfully digested the information from reading or watching digital content. Go ahead and gather your family to marvel at your work of art or culinary masterpiece. 

    Share what you’ve learned

    Are you up for recreating the recipes or the projects that you’ve just learned to do? Sharing is caring. Spend quality time with your loved ones by creating memories that will last, even after this pandemic.

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