Altilium Green Energy becomes exclusive PH distributor of UK’s Albion Technologies’ Smart BESS

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    The Philippines is set to take another step towards a sustainable future with the announcement of local clean energy solutions provider, Altilium Green Energy Inc., as the exclusive distributor for UK-based Albion Technologies’ revolutionary Smart Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

    Altilium Green Energy: Driving Sustainable Solutions for a Thriving Philippines

    Altilium Green Energy Inc. aims to contribute to the Philippines’ shift to renewable energy by promoting innovative clean energy solutions. Its partnership with Albion Technologies supports the mission of bringing advanced energy storage technology that will help further the country’s renewable energy goals.

    “Altilium is honored to bring Albion Technologies’ groundbreaking Smart BESS™ to the Philippines. We look forward to seeing this technology revolutionize green energy adoption, especially for Filipinos in underserved and remote areas,” shares Jovy Ebuen Gill, founder & CEO, Altilium Green Energy.

    Albion Technologies’ Smart BESS™: Powering a Greener Future

    Smart BESS™ leverages advanced AI to optimize individual battery cells. Unlike conventional BESS solutions that operate at the lowest common denominator, the Smart BESS unlocks the full potential of each battery, extracting a remarkable 95% of capacity per cycle compared to the industry standard of 80%. This translates to several key advantages:

    • Double the Daily Cycles: Experience twice the daily cycles for maximized efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
    • Smoother Power Flow: Ensure a seamless and consistent flow of power, perfectly suited for the dynamic demands of renewable energy integration.
    • Extended Battery Life: With AI-powered protection against overcharging and undercharging, batteries boast a lifespan 2-3 times longer, minimizing environmental impact and replacement costs.

    Smart BESS™ also boasts an impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee, ensuring uninterrupted power for both grid integration and remote communities. This combination of intelligent energy management and exceptional reliability has the potential to significantly impact the Philippines’ burgeoning renewable energy sector.

    “Albion Technologies is thrilled to be entering the Philippines market with Altilium Green Energy. Our Smart BESS™ continues to transform energy generation in the UK, and we believe it can achieve similar success in the Philippines. This partnership is a significant step towards a clean energy future for the Philippines, paving the way for microgrid advancements and empowering Filipinos with access to reliable and sustainable energy solutions,” says Robert Butcher, founder & CEO, Albion Technologies. 

    Beyond product distribution, the partnership between Altilium Green Energy and Albion Technologies strives to bring AI-powered green energy solutions to the Philippines, consequently ensuring access to affordable and reliable energy for Filipinos.

    “We’re particularly excited about the potential of Smart BESS™ to alleviate the worsening effects of global climate change, such as the recent heat wave crisis gripping the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia,” adds Jovy Gill. “This technology can play a crucial role in stabilizing the grid during peak demand periods, ensuring a more reliable and efficient power supply to keep Filipinos cool and comfortable even during extreme weather events. By working together, Altilium and Albion Technologies are committed to providing Filipinos with the tools they need to build a more resilient and sustainable energy future,” she concludes.

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