BPI unveils special offers, activities for Sustainability Awareness Month in June

    LifestyleGreenBPI unveils special offers, activities for Sustainability Awareness Month in June

    The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is gearing up for the third edition of its much-anticipated annual Sustainability Awareness Month (SAM) this June, in alignment with the Bank’s sustainability agenda. In its steadfast commitment to responsible banking and operations, BPI has curated an engaging lineup of activities designed to encourage Filipinos to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

    With the theme “Beyond Green,” this month-long initiative provides opportunities for the members of the public to adopt sustainable practices and become ambassadors for responsible and sustainable living.

    In celebration of BPI’s thrust towards sustainability, the Philippines’ first Corporate Run, #BestLifeRun Corporate Race 2024, will be held on June 9 at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. This event promotes employee health and wellness while fostering business camaraderie through fun, healthy activities. More than 120 companies and organizations are ready to participate in this year’s corporate race.

    Sustainability Awareness

    Two enlightening webinars slated for June 13 will empower participants with actionable insights. “SustainableME: Power Up your Biz with Renewable Energy” shines a spotlight on BPI Ka-Negosyo Green Financing and Ka-Negosyo SOLARise solutions, catering specifically to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enable them to leverage renewable energy solutions for sustainable business operations.

    Meanwhile, “Sustainable Investing: Driving Positive Change in the Philippine Stock Market,” conducted in collaboration between BPI Securities and the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), will cover the landscape of sustainable investing, emphasizing the pivotal role investors play in supporting and steering capital towards companies committed to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

    On June 18, BPI’s Sustainable Development Finance (SDF) will hold Business Talks conducted by renowned thought leaders who aspire to strengthen the business case for sustainability in manufacturing. The forum will consist of an economic briefing and discussions on industry-related regulatory updates, including insights on emerging trends in energy efficiency, resource efficiency, as well as sustainable water and pollution control.

    While the whole month will see daily face-to-face and online educational events related to Sustainability,  June 24 will be dedicated to a corporate BPI cash management solution called BizLink.  The event titled “BizLink: Maximizing Business Growth and Environmental Impact” will introduce digital solutions tailored to the cash management needs of Philippine companies.  New BizLink features include the new Mobile Check Deposit Facility.

    On June 26, part of the SAM festivities will be “Beyond Green: Sustainable Agricultural Technologies and Poultry Practices.” The event will introduce new innovations in the agriculture sector, specifically poultry production and waste management innovations. Vertical Farming and Soil Conditioning will also be launched as new projects under BPI’s Sustainable Agriculture program, which falls under BPI’s 16-year-old umbrella program called Sustainable Development Finance (SDF). 

    On June 27, SMEs will be the focus when SAM features digital cash management solutions for micro, small, and medium entrepreneurs. The event, “BizKo: Sustainable Financial Solutions through Digital Innovation,” will introduce BizKo’s Payment and Collection Facilities for small businesses.

    As part of Sustainability Awareness Month celebrations, BPI is offering a range of enticing promotions to encourage sustainable consumption. From Real 0% Special Installment Plans (SIP) on energy-efficient appliances and rooftop solar panels to exclusive discounts on eco-friendly transportation options, these offerings underscore BPI’s commitment to making sustainability accessible and rewarding for all.

    Eric Luchangco, BPI’s chief finance officer and chief sustainability officer, emphasized the significance of collective action in achieving sustainability goals, stating, “BPI recognizes the power of collaboration in shaping a brighter future for generations to come. Through these initiatives, we aim to inspire meaningful engagement in promoting sustainability across businesses and lifestyles.”

    Advancing Sustainability: BPI’s Enduring Commitment

    For over four decades, BPI has remained steadfast in its adherence to the principles of People, Planet, and Profit. Since formally integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into its operations in 2008, the Bank has been at the forefront of sustainable banking practices introducing numerous “firsts” in Philippine banking.

    Beyond conventional ESG frameworks, BPI’s sustainability blueprint incorporates an additional “E” for Economic Benefits (E₂), reflecting its commitment to driving positive economic outcomes alongside environmental and social progress. This entails facilitating financial wellness for individuals, communities, and businesses from diverse economic backgrounds, as well as channeling investments toward a greener economy and a more resilient society.

    In alignment with its sustainability agenda, strategy, and objectives, BPI continues to pursue initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of its banking operations. This includes exploring innovative branch designs, pursuing green-building certifications, and transitioning to renewable energy sources for its facilities.

    Moreover, the Bank remains dedicated to enhancing its digital platforms to deliver seamless customer experiences. BPI’s seven digital platforms cover all segments, from large to small companies and micro-enterprises, as well as individuals, regardless of their location.

    1. Vybe – digital wallet; online platform providing cashless payments by scanning the QR Ph code of the merchants, adding or sending money to other VYBE users, and receiving money from other local banks and e-wallets.

    2. BPI Online / BPI App – for retail clients; features: fund transfers, bills payment, BPI’s investment products, track-and-plan with AI-powered insights providing financial advised based on spending and saving habits

    3. BPI Trade – Digital-based equities trading platform

    4. BanKo Mobile App – for self-employed micro-entrepreneurs; features: savings, loan payments, load purchase, and bill payments

    5. BPI BizKo – digital cash management solutions for SMEs, including sole proprietors, freelancers and professionals, partnerships, and start-up businesses

    6. BPI BizLink – digital cash management solutions for large corporates, multi-national companies, and conglomerates

    7. BPI Wealth App – for wealth clients; features: investment management These digital banking solutions underscore BPI’s digitalization journey, empowering Filipinos towards financial security while advancing sustainable and responsible banking practices.

    Luchangco reiterated the Bank’s commitment to inclusive growth, stating, “Our vision is to foster sustainable and inclusive growth for every Filipino. We remain steadfast in our journey of championing sustainability initiatives, thereby contributing to our mission of building of a better Philippines—one family, one community at a time.”

    In recognition of its unwavering dedication to sustainability, BPI was honored as the Best Sustainable Bank in the Philippines by Finance Asia for the fourth consecutive year in 2023. Additionally, the Bank clinched the prestigious Biggest ESG Impact award, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in sustainable banking practices. In 2024, BPI has garnered 10 ESG-focused awards YTD, on track to match the previous year’s 14.

    Join the Movement: Get Involved

    For more information on BPI’s ‘Beyond Green’ SAM activities and to register for upcoming events, interested participants are encouraged to visit BPI’s official website and access the registration links provided.

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