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    Saving the earth just went digital. Gadgets had a chance to peek into what WWF Philippines is working on in preparation for Earth Hour 2013, and we uncovered some awesome goodies that you tech heads will surely love!





    Earth Hour Philippines is going to happen on March 23, 2013. Numerous homes and establishments throughout the country will turn off their lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm as a sign of solidarity in maintaining a more energy efficient environment for a sustainable planet in the years to come. The Philippines has been the number one participating country in four years, and this year, WWF hopes to score five in a row.

    WWF Philippines has decided to pool most of their resources to create a new website solely dedicated to being an online portal for all things pertaining to Earth Hour Philippines. The portal can be accessed at The look of the site is mostly based on the global Earth Hour website. The Earth Hour Philippines site contains stories and news about Earth Hour Philippines, downloadable content, and pledges. The Earth Hour Philippines website serves as a repository for all Earth Hour activities in the country, so that everyone can know what they can do to participate in building a more energy efficient Earth.



    As part of its commitment to going fully digital, WWF Philippines is proud to introduce its first app in the form of a game called EnviroPop. Created in cooperation with local mobile and web app development company Applabs Digital Studios, EnviroPop is a game for iOS that lets you virtually rescue endangered marine creatures that are known to be found in the Philippines.

    EnviroPop offers a fun way of learning about the threats to endangered sea life. Players get to save Clara the Clownfish, Dolly the Dolphin, Patty the Pawikan, Doogie the Dugong, Bobby the Butanding and Gary the Grouper. The object of the game is to protect them from the treacherous hazardsCyanide, Dynamite, Trawl Net, Oil and the PET Bottle.

    The rules ofthe game are simple: Tap three hazards of the same kind and swipe the screen to eliminate them. The more hazards you eliminate within the 60-second time limit, the higher the score. Your score is multiplied five times ifWWF’s furry mascot, Chi-Chi the Panda, is beside a hazard chain.



    The I Will If You Will (IWIYW) social media campaign dares you to ask yourself, “What am I willing to do to save the environment?”You can pledge to do a certain thing-anything you want, even something crazy-then, you can challenge someone else, a certain group or a population of netizens to do something in return. WWF Philippines ambassador Marc Nelson, for instance, pledged to scuba dive in a panda suit whilst munching on a carrot if 5000 people committed to use reusable shopping bags, and because of the positive response he received from people all over the country who pledged not to use plastic bags, Marc fulfilled his promise and took a video of it. With this campaign, you can encourage a large number of people in the social media sphere to help save the planet just by promising to do something wacky, or something beneficial to the environment.

    These new digital treats from WWF show that through the power of tech, we can encourage each other to create a positive outcome for our environment.

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