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Solenergy and ISM partners in building a brighter future for Stairway Foundation

Solenergy, a renewable energy systems engineering and solutions provider, teamed up with International School Manila to provide a solar power system custom-built for Stairway Foundation.

Stairway-Solenergy-photo-2-midLocated in Puerto Galera, the solar power system is housed in Stairway Foundation’s learning center for marginalized street children. This 24-year-old non-profit organizations have, over the years, managed to reach out to more less fortunate kids through the construction of new quarters, dormitories, a classroom, a library, a computer room, and also a teaching center to educate local NGOs.

Taking into consideration the added expense these new facilities may cost, Stairway’s founder and executive director, Lars C. Jorgensen stated, “our goal is to cut down our electrical bills which are significant.”

Stairway-Solenergy-photo-1This, according to Jorgensen is the biggest issue the foundation has to address; with a hefty amount of their annual budget spent on covering the cost of electricity.

With this at hand, International School Manila (ISM) offered a grant to fund a solar power system—c/o Solenergy–for Stairway along with sending ISM students and volunteers to immerse and contribute to the betterment of the community and the environment. All in all, the use of a solar power system is expected to cut costs and produce substantial savings.

Visit www.solenergy.com.ph for more information about their energy solutions.